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Adonai Congregation Retreat at Tablolong Beach

Wow… Adonai Worship Center held the church service at 8am and finished at 9am! This Sunday morning the church service was totally different – it was only for one hour, because of our plan to take the congregation down to Tablolong beach for picnic and have fun.

The ones who attended came with their families.  We thank the mothers who provided food for our lunch. The food was plenty and everyone was satisfied.

Visiting Speaker Bobby Lianto

Our guest speaker Bobby and his wife Neisyah Lianto was with us this Sunday morning. It was very special moment for the church, our guest speaker he is a local business man and they love Christ. Therefore they accepted our invitation to share the love of God with us.



TO BE A AGENCY THE GOD TO OTHER’S. To be a corporate body in which man may worship God. To be a channel of God’s purpose to build a body of saints being perfected in the image of His Son. To be a people who demonstrate God’s love and compassion for all the world.


To be a church with a passion for the Lord and a vision to reach the lost — preaching the Gospel to every person and making disciples of all nations; teaching believers to be leaders, and mentoring members for missions.









Building a house for a missionary in Kuanheum

This is the missionary/pastor’s new house in Kuanheum West-Timor Indonesia, we started working on this project last month, the brick walls are about to completed. We hope two months from now the house will be ready for the pastor and his family to walk into the new house and a have better living standard.

We need your prayers because we need some more funds to complete the work inside and outside.  We will officially open and pray for the house for Gods blessing.


West-Timor Revival Ministry May 22 to 24 2013

This event was for the Assemblies Of God ministry circle in West-Timor it’s capital being Kupang, Indonesia.

By the grace of God we had an event last month. There were about nine local AOG churches in the city who joined hands. Our main cause and purpose was to host this revival ministry that is to buy some land to build a new local church in the city. The committee of the event decided to invited the former AOG National leader in Jakarta to be our main guest speaker. You can are see the picture of the district leader welcoming them at their arrival in Eltari Air Port, Kupang, Indonesia.


Fundraising to complete the pastor’s house in Kuanheum

We had done lots of publicity on the local mission here in West Timor, Indonesia through Adonai Worship Center to build a pastors house in one of the remote villages of Kuanheum. We have started working on that vision, in the last couple of months the church congregation stood together and raised funds through cooking food and selling it to the people as you can see by the pictures. It is not usual in this culture but by the grace of God we did it even though we felt shy to raise funds in this type of way. Praise God, it seems 70% of the project has been done. The remaining 30% we are working to finish probably in the coming month.

Please do leave a comment below and get in contact so that we are able to build relationship by praying and encouraging to build his kingdom on earth. Shalom.

The faithful Mothers stand together to raise funds to completed our local mission project on pastors house in kuanheum. as you see all the pictures and the stories please leave any comment bellow. SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG



Adonai Sunday School program

So amazing! Adonai Worship Center has the vision this year to work  more closely with the Youth Ministry and Sunday School Ministry. May 12th 2013 the Sunday School Ministry organised the Sunday School Easter Event. The Sunday School Department hosted this program at the Adonai Local Church, with the help of our church congregation our Sunday School children prepared food and water for them to drink also provided other gifts like noodles and 5kg bags of rice, soap and other items. It was a blessing to see the Adonai Worship Center children being a blessing to other children around our neighbourhood. Glory be to God.




Traveling out for my Visa


I am planning to travel out for my visa coming Wednesday, I believed God for my fares to get my visa and return to Indonesia to be with my family in Kupang.

Pray for my protection as I traveling to get my visa, I am praying and believing God for my ticket to Australia, If I don’t  come up with average amount which I need to get my ticket the last option will be traveling to Dili hope next week. but I still trusting God for my ticket  fare to Aussie.

I need your prayers do uphold me in your prayers.


Pastor Julius Walengi


First Part of the project complete

Praise God it was by his grace we have completed this side of the church boundary line with the break wall, some how God has open the doors for finances, now we have archive accomplishment of this seventeen meters wide break wall. we are now praying and believing God for other sight of the boundary which is approximately twenty seven meter lone and three meter high, we need your support financially before we build the church we need the boundary line must be fix with the break wall first, therefore your support to completed this boundary line will be appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Julius Walengi.

This seventeen meters long three meters high break wall, fencing the church Boundary. the break layer is laying the break at the foundation level Its a first step.

Praise the Lord the three meter wall is about to completed.



Work in action.



Working on Church Boundary wall at our little church in Kupang

As you access to view the information and the work here in West-Timor, I would like to encourage all of you who have the heart for missions work, take the personal challenge to support this church planting project all though Church Building is not on assignment but as you see it is the preparation part of the ground work.

We need your financial support on this type of project,this work should be done say last year. but because of lack of financial support it take us one and half years to raise money to complete the incomplete work, praise God for his work let him be glorified Amen.

If you have conviction to support either whatever’s ways we will be please to hear from you.

Your Sincerely


The worker starting shaping the concrete wire for the foundation to laying the concrete.

We have just started today setting up things. we need to be hurry because of the rain is gonna come any time from this month, there for we must actively work to completed this project before the rain come.

twenty bags of Cement we just order and now the worker off load it from the truck.
Cement we need about 70 bags to completed entire boundary wall. put all the cement in the store room behind the church building.


We have provided six hundred pieces of brick, we need 1.500 more to completed the other side of the church boundary. It has about 26 miters long so it will need more brick.




All the Concrete wire and now is lay on the main foundation, we have to dug the main foundation to put those frame inside and then cover up with concrete.

After the prepare everything now the workers has poured the Cement concrete in the box seems grate, in the couple of days we will work on the brick, hope to finish by next week.







My visa expires early in the new month

Dear Friends

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am preparing to go out to Australia to get my visa, although East Timor is very close for me to applied for new visa, in fact I was planning to visit some friends in Australia, I have Australian visa for one year that make it very easy to travel and return to Indonesia.

This November 15-11-2012 planning on to Australia, I am praying for my ticket from Kupang Bali and To Australia and return from Australia Bali and to Kupang, I am praying for $1.500,00 and believing God to have this money before 15th November.

If you have the peace to assisted me financially it will be great and appreciated in advance.

Your sincerely

Julius Walengi

Missionary West-Timor Indonesia

What is the Latest Church Information?


Praise God. 

This month of October the local Church is doing well although we see lots of up and down in the ministry aspects, some times our congregation are very busy with their career, also busy on the family affairs and other.

Our fellowship in Partiso and Walikota are still progressing. We have family visitations on Mondays ending shortly – we are going to finish all the visitations soon.

Our Sunday school increased in number, by the grace of God, but our Youth Ministry has come to a hold, because of the Youth Leades is not active any more in the Youth Ministry but he comes to church. Mid week fellowship on Wednesday is active but some times only a few people – not like earlier.

Women fellowship is fine, every Friday women have their fellowship after praying and fasting.

The Sunday morning Church service is very good, some times we have lots of people and the church full, some times we have handful of people in the Sunday morning service.