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Easter Celebration April -21-2014


Greetings in Christ Jesus, Praise God with his grace and mercy we have been so busy in doing ministry spend time with family personal activities,we also thanks God for his mercy through out this couple of months at times we come to encounter accident but some how we where able to come out from such tragedy . by his grace we are able to free from all the trouble and continue to serve God, here in West-Timor. Devil never wanted to see many people received Jesus as lord and savior for their salvation therefore deceiver always come to disturbed in diverse ways.

Family of Adonai Worship Center We are seeing spiritual development in our Church and the church growth was very well, we have families joining us in our church meeting every Sunday Morning and midweek fellowship at the Adonai Worship Center, our small church is getting full since the beginning of this year 2014, many of this people are experiencing miracles in their lives and they felt in their heart to fellowship with us.

Not because of change of denomination, no its not. Our Local church is experience revival and the word come real and effective in the senses of the people. glory be to God He is answering your prayers in our ministry and church activities here in West-Timor Indonesia.

The Easter Church program has gone well, we have a church service on the good Friday at  8.30 Am  in the morning Church service also we Communion table had the communion service on that morning. On the 19th Saturday I call on every one who will be participate on Jesus March  on Monday 21 April its are requirement to every one must pray and fasting during the day on Saturday at the evening we will gathered together at the church at around  5: pm in the evening  pray until 8 pm in the night. Praise God every one attend during the time of pray we have about 60 people attend and we all pray for the Jesus March event, praise God Holy Spirit pored in our pray night. we also have some friends from Holland and few other people as well attended the pray meeting it was tremendous time we had on Saturday night. Praise God on Sunday Morning the whole church came together had the powerful praise and worship in our church at the same time our youth preparing for Jesus March the next day few mothers help the youth organize food for next day, it was really fund and every one was very excited for the event tomorrow.

Truck loaded with Musical Instruments

Truck loaded with Musical Instruments

This Truck is preparing and decorated with Music and lights for Tomorrow our youths are very committed in arranging all this musical instruments, they sleep on the road side to take care of this truck in case of anything might missing, We mean business for this event because many people will be on the road side to watch when we walking and celebrating the dead and the resurrection of Christ Jesus and proclaim that his is King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, we wanted to make use of this time promoting Jesus in the city.

Monday morning every one came to the church for pray also to get the final instruction before taking the possession No 117 at 10 Am in the morning, we gathered and pray at the Church until 10.30 Am we finish our pray time every one make their way to the location ELTARI 1 that is where we will meet other churches and denomination preparing for March at around 5 Pm we will start until finish at 11 PM night at SAMSUNGJalan Timor Raya. ”Praise God Thousand and Thousands are standing and sitting at the side of the road watching when we passed through with Music with celebration declaring his dead and resurrection of Jesus Christ during our journey we also give away the track and the contact details of our church ministry to many people of the street and request them to visit us that was amazing our desire come through. many

DSC00738people on the road  it was great moment we have time to share the love and mercy of  God through celebration, we also able to declare that Jesus is the Son of God over this province and the city of west-Timor and Indonesia. He is  the Coming king in front of many religion, tribes and people along the way.  Adonai generation getting ready  for March in the couple of minutes time .To God be glorified,  pray for us in all our ministry here, God is explore his power in our ministry through miracles, signs and wonders in our Church.





Adonai Congregation Retreat at Tablolong Beach

Wow… Adonai Worship Center held the church service at 8am and finished at 9am! This Sunday morning the church service was totally different – it was only for one hour, because of our plan to take the congregation down to Tablolong beach for picnic and have fun.

The ones who attended came with their families.  We thank the mothers who provided food for our lunch. The food was plenty and everyone was satisfied.

Visiting Speaker Bobby Lianto

Our guest speaker Bobby and his wife Neisyah Lianto was with us this Sunday morning. It was very special moment for the church, our guest speaker he is a local business man and they love Christ. Therefore they accepted our invitation to share the love of God with us.


West-Timor Revival Ministry May 22 to 24 2013

This event was for the Assemblies Of God ministry circle in West-Timor it’s capital being Kupang, Indonesia.

By the grace of God we had an event last month. There were about nine local AOG churches in the city who joined hands. Our main cause and purpose was to host this revival ministry that is to buy some land to build a new local church in the city. The committee of the event decided to invited the former AOG National leader in Jakarta to be our main guest speaker. You can are see the picture of the district leader welcoming them at their arrival in Eltari Air Port, Kupang, Indonesia.


Fundraising to complete the pastor’s house in Kuanheum

We had done lots of publicity on the local mission here in West Timor, Indonesia through Adonai Worship Center to build a pastors house in one of the remote villages of Kuanheum. We have started working on that vision, in the last couple of months the church congregation stood together and raised funds through cooking food and selling it to the people as you can see by the pictures. It is not usual in this culture but by the grace of God we did it even though we felt shy to raise funds in this type of way. Praise God, it seems 70% of the project has been done. The remaining 30% we are working to finish probably in the coming month.

Please do leave a comment below and get in contact so that we are able to build relationship by praying and encouraging to build his kingdom on earth. Shalom.

The faithful Mothers stand together to raise funds to completed our local mission project on pastors house in kuanheum. as you see all the pictures and the stories please leave any comment bellow. SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG



Adonai Sunday School program

So amazing! Adonai Worship Center has the vision this year to work  more closely with the Youth Ministry and Sunday School Ministry. May 12th 2013 the Sunday School Ministry organised the Sunday School Easter Event. The Sunday School Department hosted this program at the Adonai Local Church, with the help of our church congregation our Sunday School children prepared food and water for them to drink also provided other gifts like noodles and 5kg bags of rice, soap and other items. It was a blessing to see the Adonai Worship Center children being a blessing to other children around our neighbourhood. Glory be to God.




New website and visiting speaker!

Special Events

Praise God! We have been praying and believing that one day we will have the ministry webpage. Today we have our friend Jade from New Zealand who has that skills to design the website. He is here with us in West-Timor Indonesia. God answer our prayers through this great man.

Wow! Now Adonai Worship Center is able to do more reporting on the work here in this part of the world especially West-Timor Indonesia. On Wednesday night at 5.30 pm we had a church meeting with Jade at Adonai Worship Center, the church was almost full we had the great moment with this man of God. He explained that Christian lives never go perfect like and arrow. No, Christian lives are like butterflies, Butterflies never fly straight to its destination. We must keep on redirecting ourselves back to Jesus.

We ministered with Jade on Wednesday night when he spoke and on Saturday he will speak to the youth and Sunday night he will be speaking concerning success in business. Because he is a successful person as well in his career as  businessman, this impartation will be useful to our valuable Christians here in West-Timor.

We also thank God for the strength that he gave us today. We have successfully completed our fundraising with the help of our local church congregation.

Special Events

Dinner with Jade