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Fundraising to complete the pastor’s house in Kuanheum

We had done lots of publicity on the local mission here in West Timor, Indonesia through Adonai Worship Center to build a pastors house in one of the remote villages of Kuanheum. We have started working on that vision, in the last couple of months the church congregation stood together and raised funds through cooking food and selling it to the people as you can see by the pictures. It is not usual in this culture but by the grace of God we did it even though we felt shy to raise funds in this type of way. Praise God, it seems 70% of the project has been done. The remaining 30% we are working to finish probably in the coming month.

Please do leave a comment below and get in contact so that we are able to build relationship by praying and encouraging to build his kingdom on earth. Shalom.

The faithful Mothers stand together to raise funds to completed our local mission project on pastors house in kuanheum. as you see all the pictures and the stories please leave any comment bellow. SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG