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November-December 2013 and January 2014.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My apology to all of our friends who are always monitoring our ministry development in this mission field of West-Timor Indonesia, in the last couple of months I was not able to provided all the ministry report and the progress in this mission work due to spend much time on other things as well as traveling out for my visa therefore I was unable to provide the latest ministry development in our  local Church and other ministries.

Thank God for those of you who have been standing with us especially in prayer since the year 2013 we have seen Gods hand in our lives as well as our Ministry progress for sure we understand that with out you we will have not come this fare it was your prayer that make change in our lives and ministry, some of you have support us financially and some have visited us here in the mission field that’s are part and passel of the contribution to this mission field, It is our pray that God will enlarge you territory in terms of Business, Study, good health, long lives,  healthy family lives  and success in all the dreams and vision in this fresh new year 2014, Gods vision and mission will be accomplished  as we united in Christ Jesus  hand to hands and shoulder to shoulder we can build his kingdom on earth. particularly Indonesia.

Month of November

We thank God for small development that are happening in our Local Church Adonai Worship Center, this time in November we put the buffing block at the side and the front of the Church, praise God we don’t have the money but God open the doors and  through many friends which they are not our church member but they are very much willing to help donating funds to make our small local church look nice, for couple of year  we have mad problems, when the rainy season many church meeting outside was full of mad but praise God now our front part of the church is better than before. About four thousand piece of buffing block we buy  and lay them, We also thank God for our Islamic friends from Jawa they help us to lay all the buffing block at the church, I also share with them at the church, when we had our Christmas meeting on December we don’t invited them because of certain reasons  but they came  them self and watch all our  church activities that night  I call them and gave them food they are very happy and told me that the lives of Christians is very peaceful and enjoyable, In Jawa Muslim never build Christian Churches none they used to say its forbidden praise God in west-Timor there are still changes to have our brothers and sisters from Muslim can able to share things together with Christian even walk in and out at the Church that’s amazing. from the entrance SAMSUNG looking towards the front of the Church, we are excited about the new development in our local church  we also set the Christmas light at the front of the church also inside the church as well.SAMSUNG on the right side the youths are painting the front part of the fence thank God you are powerful you answer the prayers of your people and provided the resources to make our small church look better.


On the second of November due to my passport pages full, I left my family and when to PNG and stay for three weeks while processing my new SAMSUNGpassport in Port Moresby praise God it was  absolutely great moment for me to be there to connected and meet up with many friends in the capital city of PNG, I shared with  many of them about the need of this mission field, we are very much progress in our daily ministry but we need financial support to enhance the work therefore  I do what I can to share by raising friends and the rest God will make it possible. the picture you see on the left is one of the main shopping center call vision city Waigani  I have meet many people in this mall.


December 2013

The Christmas celebration in our local Church Adonai Worship Center  during the Christmas period was awesome we have about 250 people SAMSUNGattended the church service 5 pm until 8 pm  night,this time we done invited people because of we have lots of commitment especially on local mission also we have just completed our church renovation and put the buffing block and paint the church inside and outside change the lights  with all the cables therefore we don’t have the enough money to host the big one but for the church congregation alone we were surprise to meet new people attended the event, our district leader Pastor Benny Mundung is guest speaker.

 We pray for weather because here is raining almost every day  praise God our prayers is answered on the 19th it was on Thursday that day was perfect no rain but the weather was very much cool.even the food that we prepare is just more then enough for every one , praise God after the meeting those are the once who have the motorbike and a car they are able to leave and the rest of the people who those not have the transport I have to drive them home I wish I have are bus to load all of them once and dropped them off. anywhere I us my old fan to drive them home couple of times back and forth at the end of the meeting I was really tired by 1.30 morning I when to my house and take the nape I feel enjoy because it its the part of ministry.


January 2014

God  has answer our prayers in this early year of 2014 He brought us one family Bobby Damanik and his wife Vina Artantrie Damanik to us they give their lives to God and  had their water Baptism on 5th of January 2014 they already have one child but they hasn’t marriage in the church so they want their marriage must be blessed by God when I share and pray with them  they decided to give their lives to Jesus and willing to Baptized, after that Booby’s family agree with Bobby and his wife Vina and allowed then to have a wedding in Adonai Worship Center and they came to me and my wife and tell us about what the family had said so we agree with them and we both Bobby and his wife and us agree to conducting their wedding on the 8th of January 2014, Praise God pastor Monilisca Apriyani Hekboy  Walengi blessed their marriage at 10 Am the whole family came to our church as we finish from the church we when to there house for refreshment and also to pray for their house and business.    after they we blessed their marriage in our church on the 8th of January 2014 , it was really wonderful to see some one comes to Christ Jesus, Bobby Damanik his parents owns the private Hospital here in the City, three and half years ago my wife give birth to our first daughter Christy Esther Walengi in this private Hospital call MAMA-MI praise God I and my wife have been building up closer relationship with them and the result now  Bobby is with us and come to our Church meeting on Every Sunday with his wife and his Son.


This picture from left to right is the preparation for the wedding of Bobby and his wife Vina, I was not able to took some short of the their wedding because of I was sitting with the bride and unable to take take the short, anywhere this was the first ever since we start leading this congregation we haven’t conducted any wedding ceremony but this was the first wedding we held at the Church Adonai Worship Center.SAMSUNG

brother Bobby Damanik and his young family now they are attending our church service on Sunday morning , he and his wife Vina they are blessed evreytime they come to our church service , for us we are thanking God for new souls in our church for his glory, to see some one to make such a commitment to follow Christ and leave all the worldly behavior and desire behind and come forward to received Christ and be  Baptize this is amazing  but Gods glory.


Local Mission

We have come closer to completed the Pastor house in Kuanheum, there are one family brother Rudy  Nale and his wife gave us Rp 2.500,000 DCIM100MEDIAthat money I when and engage the Carpenter and now his is working on all the main doors and 12 windows, probably the end of this month he will complete and  hang all the doors and windows, we need Rp 2.500,000 more to completed the payment total of          Rp 5.000,000.

on the left is the front part of the pastor house  in Kuaheum  and on the right side is the inside part of the house   dinning room and the visitors rooms while the carpenter is fixing the shape of the looking inside .


Last Sunday we have provide all the financial report and church growth report praise God, this Sunday after the Church service we will have one more meeting setting up all the ministerial leaders to start ministry next month so we are praying for those people who have the calling in their heart and as they received the  letter of inquiring for ministry this year  God will cost them to willingly prepare in advance and then we will pray for those people who are appointed for ministry this new and fresh year 2014 the last Sunday of this month and will dedicated them in the lord for the great task ahead for Soul winning.

Our church growth for last year was  average 45% new people are making commitment to attend our church service every Sunday, our ministry tactic for last year was past on visitation through our congregation or if any body inviting us to visit them and prayer for them on every Monday  and Thursday  visitation, but we also invited those family  and friends that I visit and pray for them to come to our Wednesday midweek church service that is where we will more closer and God will open the new doors

Our urgent need .

friends we are praying for several things that we really need right now to have our ministry to be more effecting and enhance

1: We need the Toyota Hiace Mini Bus fifteen Sitter Bus for transporting congregation and ministry.

2: We need one Generator we have problem with  the power station here almost every day and night the power just when off for three up to  four hours to wait therefore we need the generator for church and personal if we encounter power black out will be easier for us.

3: We need the small motorbike for used in the city for quick move Shop , Market, and visitation in the  narrow roads

4: Pray for me I am preparing to do fund raising in PNG start February to May.


Our contact point is bellow also the bank details if you had the conviction to contact us and wanted to visit us or collected information for prayers purpose, or wanted to donate some donation for this work in Advance we acknowledge your effort for making this work very effective by winning  many Souls for his Kingdom sack. other wise leave the note bellow, blessing.




Adonai Worship Center  P O Box 1143

Kupang NTT  85000 Indonesia

Mobile: + 62-81331643595


FB, Julius walengi


Indonesia Bank Details

Name     : Julius Walengi

Bank       : BCA       Bank-Central -Asia

A/C         : 3140788260

Swift Code: CENAIDJA


Papua New Guinea Bank details.

Name       : Julius Walengi

Bank  :Bank -South – Pacific ( BSP)

A/C   : 1002196630





March 2024 News Update.


GREETINGS to you all our valuable Friends, Families and Partners for your genericity to embracing the evangelism and church planting mission work here in Kupang Nusa Tenggara Timur Indonesia. “We acknowledge your prayers and the resources that contributed towards this missions exposure, our ministry motto NEVER LEAVE ONE BEHIND, it is paramount to reach out to every single person next to us as well as villages and urban centers around where we focus. “God gave us the spiritual mandate to go and preach the gospel, whoever believe and is baptize will be save Mathew 28.18-20 therefore Adonai Worship Center Local church this year 2024 aside of our local church ministry priorities we also value missions as important part of the local church vision. Our desire is to reach many souls and build Gods kingdom in this planet earth  especially in this part of Indonesia.

Since we where building Adonai worship Center local church in the year 2016 we try to utilize the little financial resources  we have to build this local church building. it take’s approximately eight years until 2023. Those years we hasn’t able to visit urban centers and villages, however we are fully engage to complete the main church as are bases for future effective church planting missions. “Praise God, all though Adonai Worship Center local church is not fully completed at this states, but we felt in our spirit  to  expend the gospel to the remote frontier missions beginning this year 2024 andPhoto_1713341236899[1] beyond. “This year our local church have prayerfully decided to adopted district 8 and district 15 from our region, this two district will be under our local church overseer, more precisely we discovered our frontier pastors and church planters facing dificulties in the field, financially, health, family issue that affected their spiritual energy to effectively explore the gospel to where their suppose to reach out. Therefore we decided to provide coaching and mentorship to the frontier pastor’s from this two district first, our main focus is to planting more local churches in this two district in the future.

How to we do?  1) Our Main goals is to visit this two district every quarterly and to provide counsel as well as productive tips to help pastor’s focus on the evangelism and church planting work. 2) We provide frontier church planters pastors with some small financial aid on the monthly bases length of two to three years period, so far  we have started some financial aid to this three pastors already, Pastor Yohana she is a young female Pastor from  Malaka district (15) and Pastor Yakob Sobapa and wife, Pastor Arkilaus Talan and wife from Kolbano district (8) this three Pastors we will overseer their development on the church planting strategies, as soon as they have minimum 15 individuals or maximum 20 members we will considering church building. We like to support ten frontier pastor from each district totaling of  twenty Pastors in both district.

Within this two to three years period, we will monitors the development of the pastors at the frontline through the sub-district counsel , If the fellowship have minimum of 15 or maximum of 20 members that  fellowship require church building, every church building must legally establish upon the organization asset, we have classic example, many church building has taken away by those individual pastor who build1000074633[1] church upon personal asset, therefore as we focusing on the church planting missions, either  we purchase the land or free donation from individuals or organization, that particular property  legality must under the church organization asset. After building the local church, our church will not provide financial aid anymore to the Pastors. Hence, will provide  spiritual aspect through visitation, coaching and mentorship, For their economy aspects we should have other alternatives means for their             sustainability in the field, normally this will come when we discover what ways they could able to generate income for their endeavor while serving in the local church ministry. As to how the pastor should reach as many souls to congregate in his or her church to look after the pastor while serving in that church. “For instance! before we start building Adonai church building we did support few Pastor, Pastor Merinus Kapak and family we build their Pastors house and for their church we only completed windows and doors, for Pastor Yayub Kosat and family they where are working on new church planting work our local church provide financial aid for them on the  monthly basis for three years, I have told them we will not continue support for more then three years. Alone the way I discovered, the villages where they are  now service has lots of coconut trees, I had the idea that after three years we will give this family are machine for them to do a small business to sustain their live in the field, after three years of our commitment I ask one family if they can buy a coconut scrapping machine and that family bought that machine, I call husband and wife came to the town and we gave their last support plus machine for them to do small business, I totd the husband and wife we gave you this machine to generate income to sustain the childrens school fees and the family endeavor in the field, praise God now they make some good money to look after children for their school fees and food on the table for family. God will open the flood gate of God heaven to provide provision to us to stand beside this great man and women of God in the field to reach out to many souls for Gods glory Amen.

                       MISSIONS  TRIP TO AOG DISTRICT 15 MALAKA.

Beginning of this year 2024, God put in my heart to start organizing church planting missions. We have spend much of our time  for the last eight years on Adonai Worship Center church building in the town of Kupang ntt. “I had many ministry invitations from the urban district centers to visit as well as participated in the ministry there, I wasn’t dare to visit unfortunately due to encounter financial disabilities therefore unable to complete Adonai Worship Center church building that was the reason why I decline those invitations. Those eights year I felt they are limitation in our capacities to embrace local missions, therefore I Was not focusing the local missions in terms of visitation and participation in the ministry development aspects in the field. “Praise God this year  2024 GodPhoto_1713436928291[1] give me peace to move in to church planting mission. ” Our first ever mission trip was  8th and 9th March last month,  I lead the small team and we travel to AOG Malaka district 15, boarder of Indonesia and Dili-Timor-Leste, we drive for six hours and arrived safely and held night revival meeting and morning we travel up to an incomplete AOG local church up at the Alihowan village. “Picture on the right, as soon as we arrived at the church location the lord put in my heart to help completed that incomplete church building, we discovered they are few uncomplete work need to be done in order to completed the church building. 1. (12) set of glass windows, (2). floor titles and 3 roofing ceiling. I and my wife we felt compassionated for this pastor and his church we express our interest to stand with this humble pastor Marten Mellu to complete his local church, after we return the church made the down payment of Rp 1,800.00 for (12) glass windows, currently carpenter is working on the frames now, as soon as they completed all the frames and install all the windows we will paid off the remaining payment of Rp 1.800 as  total of Rp 3,600.00 the money for windows is ready. “Pray with us to raise more money to work on the floor tiles and roof ceiling, we trusting God for provisions to completed this remaining uncompleted  church building in the middle of this year 2024 and official opening for church business. We do what we can do! the rest, we trust God to provide provision to completed the building. Amen. Beside working on this uncomplete church building and other church building as well amen.

Missions Trip to Kolbano District (8)

After our missions trip to Malaka, we held evaluations with the team, paise God, all our  team members as well as church members are excited to going missions, the church congregation aware of our decision to adapted two districts in the region to overseer their ministry affairs. Our next missions was planning on the 9th to the 10th April this month to Bena and Kolbano district (8) we had one day fasting and praying for the travel including financial open doors for the trip. Praise God to be frank I and my family don’t have the personal and ministry vehicle for mission exploring in and around the region. “Normally I hire the care to travel, very expensive exercise but I am happy for the work of God never give reason, give the best when we don’t have enough, while we are praying one family they give their Mitsubishi Pajero Sport to me and said Pastor we are happy of what you are doing use our vehicle for this missions trip, wow it was a miracle for me and the team, one other family they provide musical instruments plus they pickup truck with sound engineers, other family again they hire one small vehicle, our church member plus neighbors and the friends who are not our congregation brought 5kg rice bags, cooking oil, bathing soap, we raise about Rp 1,450.000 this money it was perfect timing we when and arrived in the evening we held revival ministry we sleep in the morning we had mentoring tips to encourage the leaders and pastor in that district had the alter call and pray for all of them unti l12pm we had the lunch with them and we left to the town gain.















Generally, our local church ministry focus for this year 2024 will coincide with our  three year plan in 2023 last year to focusing on youth and children ministry, primarily  this two ministry department will prayerfully follow the earlier ministry  structure or restructure as to how they both department should reaching out to children, teenagers and youth in our neighboring communities and the city that we are residing, through the way of setting up creative events or by reaching out by visiting families to counter children and youth to share the love of God to them. We realize the churches could lost more young people if we are not addressing their need in this 21st century, the world is sourcing much exciting things that affecting this generation. “We as are church should realized that many of our youth and teenagers in this generation are attracted by the worldly views and desire. Pray for this vison to take back this generation for Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit in this communities amen.


This year 2024 Pastor Ika and I felt in our spirit to visit urban missions, by March we will start travel to couple of district under thee Assemblies of God church overseer. We will try adopt few pastor in the remote centers as are church planters to support them with little bit of funds where they can be able to20220415_112236 survive while service in the remote villages and towns. We value missions as our priority, evangelism and church planting is our heart, why church planting is so important at this time? soul with out shepherd wont be last that long in the lord, many preacher excited to see 1000 of souls repent to follow Jesus on that night, then leaving those thousand with out the shepherd after are while your return, looking for those Souls, many would not hold fast their commitment be survive, few may be, being a missionary for 24 years in this part of Indonesia, about three year  I was working with are ministry and we spend tangible nights and days in the field moving in and out from one village to another, every night we have revival meeting, I witness many people come forward to receive Jesus as lord and savior. “When we left back to our base, after two months I used to follow up to check on the people who repent two months ago, and I discovered that many of those soul repent during our revival meeting two months ago in that village, none remain strong in the lord, they all return to their old lifestyle. Many time I was disappoint because we spend lots of time and resources to reach this district and centers to preach the gospel for their salvation. This experience give me energy to focus on evangelism and Church planting work is paramount, all though it will take some times but at thee end we achieve every resources that we put down for evangelism and church planting will worth value. Therefore we encourage you our valuable partner to stand together with us and to focus on evangelizing people and planting more churches starting this year and on wards amen.


Adonai church normally conducting AGBM meeting every first or second week of February. This year 2024, we held church Annual General Business Meeting on the 18th February this year right after

Pastor Ika and church Treasurer

Pastor Ika and church Treasurer.

church service on Sunday. “Praise God, every ministry departmental heads presented the 2023 ministry status report, first quarter, second and third quarter of the year 2023 our church ministries was in are positive direction, the forth quarter of the year 2023 the church encounter critical moment when we try to raise funds to purchase the musical instruments and chairs for Adonai Worship Center church. The new convert church members have left the church for couple of months  until this date. In our church statistic report we knew our local church in this first and second quarter of the year 2024 will be less then what we used to have in our past church service. We understand and have confidence that God  is the sources of this church. “He will restore what have lost in the months to come this years. “We have confidence for quick recovering from the damage within two to three quarter of this year 2024 amen. The church treasurer also provide the church last year  financial report was satisfactory. We  have done this every year to keep accountable for what we are doing in the ministry where God has entrusted us to lead. “Activities formally resume after the AGBM meeting. Praise God the  children ministry department and the youth ministry department had  presented ministry  schedule for this year, the church Pastor and the church board have approved  to stand with them to raise funds for the couple of events where they prayerfully arranges for this year, man’s and women’s ministry will definitely support this two ministries for the coming month ahead and we looking forward for great things to happen as we prepare for many people to come to Jesus amen.


We have completed the physical church building inside  and out side part of the church, including front landscaping preparing for the church official opening three years ago, about three times we deferred our official church opening schedule hence unable to raise enough funds to assemble the event. Our only challenge was to raise two hundred million Rubia in USD$ 12,790 dollars to purchase speakers, sound systems plus Musical Instruments  including three monitor TV screen as well as audio cables plus the 200 pieces of chairs. We have already purchase 30 boxes of floor carpet prepare to seal the church floor, in the mean time we are praying and believing God for financial resources t0 obtain above items in order to setup the church interior at once. 20231029_194817[1]With out hesitating I am seeking financial add for the church interior completion, to all our Friends, Partners, family in the kingdom of God, as well as our fellow Assemblies of God churches in and around the world or individual who like to be part of this mission work here in the province of  Kupang Nusa Tenggara Timur Indonesia, we need your prayers and financial support to complete the uncomplete church interior work here in this missions field in Indonesia. While having reading this articles and intended to find out more about the work here, please drop us a note through the comment below or send email through my email address otherwise if you have known us through other sources check the status of this missions work through them. Your donation for this mater will not be in vain God will bless you more at the right time amen. In advance our apologies to those of you whom we engage to attend church commissioning service  month of April 2024 will not be commence until after needed component installation is done. We will  reschedule church inauguration date this year and will advice to all our guest to come for event 2024, thanks for standing with us.


Before concluding our news update for this month of February 2024, on behalf  of my family, the Local Missions to Abrein Amarasichurch leadership and congregation, I would like toacknowledge your unwavering support, I knew   you follow us  through our website page, the real achievement of our vision and dreams on church planting missions it required partners to get involved hand to hand and shoulder to shoulder, definitely we can be advance in the evangelism and Church planting aspect here in Kupang Nusa Tenggara Timur  Indonesia. we  invite you to visit us, we can provide your accommodations for tree nights and dinner  you can provide ticket for too and from, if any of you interest to visit us we will arrange ministry for you while be with us, if you are a Assemblies of God Pastor from US, Australia or New Zealand or Pacific Ireland countries  or any country around the world, lets us know for your visit it will be great to serve together to build His kingdom through our partnership ministry aspects. our contact details will be below.

Pray Points.

1: Pray for open doors for financial resources to enhance our Vision on Evangelism and Church planting work here.

2: Pray for financial open to purchase all the church interior component.

3: Pray for God to provide 4×4 drive vehicle for muddy road to reach remote centers.

4: Pray for us family, we need constant financial support on monthly basis to suit our  monthly expenses including children school fees.



Jl. Hands Kapitan RT. 17 /RW 6 / Kel: Kelapa Lima Kota Kupang NTT Indonesia. + 62 0380 8441902 /Mobile +62 81331643595 / You tube AOG ADONAI WORSHIP CENTER.







Adonai, December 2023 and January 2024 News Update.

Night Church Service.


Greetings to you all our valuable Friends and Partner’s. I hereby would like to appreciated  you all for your unwavering support in terms of pray, encouragement, visitation and financial support to enhance evangelism and Church planting missions here in the province of Kupang ntt Indonesia. With your involvement we have make good progress this far, I realized in our website, they are many Pastors, individuals, family and churches around the world  are interest to know our latest development in this mission field, my sincere apology to you all for not genuine enough to provide latest  ministry news update couple of years back then. “I admitted that during those years I was unable to published all our ministry report due to several reason. Anyhow, I am eager to resume our church website and will update all our ministry progressive news report on the monthly basis or every quarterly in are year. ” I knew they are many people praying for us, God has been so kind to us here in the missions field. We encounter lots of challenges but we were save and protected by the grace of  God. “I salute you all for making God kingdom become your primary purpose in this planet earth. “your time effort and resources that invested to this missions field God will surely bless you in the due course. lets joint hands together in 2024 spiritual and physical aspect to reach many souls in this lovely country Indonesia. Again continue pray for us to reach many souls, baptize them and to make them disciple amen. come visit for missions exposure with us in Indonesia.


Family Update.
Family picture

This picture was taken in Lelogama.

Praise God, we all are pretty well since December last year until January this year. We were protect, none of us encounter any life threatening illness or  tragic accident, we knew its was the power of  prayers God shield and covered us in all our daily activities in ministry and family affairs, amen. “Our first daughter Christy this year June 10 she will turn 14th, our second daughter Sonia this April 27th she will turn 11th, our third daughter Elsie last January  7th  she turn 7th.”Our Christmas and new year eve, we all remain in the city, we have only two days for our family holiday traveling up to Soe, a small town outside of  Kupang with our friend and a brother, Pastor Jo Koro. It take only two hours drive from the City.  We spent are night there and then next day return to the city. Due to ministry assignment we all remain until January 9th the girls return to their ACE  school. “On behalf of my wife and three girls I would like to appreciated you all our respective friends, families and partners who have been generously standing with us in thick and thin, at time we encounter varieties of challenges you come in with encouragement, pray and embrace us with resources, we felt energy and comfort to continue the mission work here in Indonesia. Continue pray for us, visit us and see what God is doing here through us, do not look at our failure but trust God for great things to happen in the years to come as we complement in the ministry amen. Our Urgent pray, please we need the diesel car for personal and Ministry runs, since eight years now we are praying and expecting for miracle to happen, pray also for our three children for their school tuition fees and their books every year, pray for our monthly financial support to cover all our personal expenses on the monthly basis.



Adonai worship Center

Pastor Jo Preaching on the 1st January 2024.

  2023 year end and 1st January 2024

This Christmas and the new year eve turn incredible moment to us, we held our Christmas Church gathering on the 16th of December 2023. We give away 150 invitation, one invitation for two people and  the attendance was  300 people attending our Christmas church meeting at Adonai Worship Center. Actually the event when extremely well. all our guest plus the neighbor, our student parents and church congregation, we all enjoy the praise and worship, the word of God including candle lighting, even the food was delicious, every one before departed to their respective home, many individual whispering the event was amazing, yes  to God be the glory amen.

Our Year end and new year event,  we  have pastor Jo, Koro  a senior pastor of Acc Heights Harvest Church in Sidney Australia. He felt in his heart to come visit us despite not knowing each other in person, we only communicating through whatsapp, all over sudden Pastor Jo, Send me the flight itinerary that he will  arrived on the 29th December 2023 in Denpasar Bali, on the 30th December flew from Bali to Kupang, I inform the church for his coming, we all were very much enthusiasm for his visit, on the 30th December he arrived at Eltari Air Port Kupang, we received him, on the 31st Sunday morning and night  and 1st January  beginning of the year church service, the man of God minster to us, all this three church service was open heaven the anointing of God felt, I literally see every one where ignited by the power of the  Holy Spirit through the way we worship that was  absolutely awesome. We concluded our festive season with great aspiration for greater things ahead this year 2024. It was a perfect moment to meet up with such great man of God and to discuss common views on the work of God, as to how we should strategies vision and missions to expend Gods work in this 21st Century, reaching the un-reach for Jesus. The harvest is plenty and the workers are few  (Matt 9.37.38),  I encourage those of you readings this article, we invite you to come and visit us for missions exposure. Amen.


December 2023


Ministry focus 2024.

We have a tradition of fasting and praying for one or two weeks every January before the church business begins every year, 0n Monday 15th January 2024  we start fasting and praying for ten days for this year, only week days Monday to Friday, we end our fasting and praying on the 28th January 2024. after ending our fasting and praying, we feel great energetic with fresh conscience to resume all the  church  ministry activities in February 2024. “Our local church primary focus this year 2024 and next year 2025 will be vividly focusing on the  Youth and Sunday school ministry, local missions we will most precisely committed in terms of visitation, conducting revival ministry, although they are possibilities for church planting unfortunately we are still focusing on the project we have in the main church as are base. Therefore we will not committed in any short of physical project but will continue to build strong relationship will all our partners in the urban center until such time in the future we will build physical church building in the remote center.

Currently we are praying and trusting God to complete Adonai Worship Center church interior, comprise of Carpet Laying, finalize electrical cables, chairs, musical instruments including Sound System and lightings. Pray with us for financial release to get all the needed items purchase to setup the church for official opening this year 2024. your prayers is valuable amen.


Church kindergarten School.

Adonai Worship Center.

Adonai Kindergarten student Singing at our 2023 Christmas church service at Adonai Worship Center.

Adonai Worship Center has numerous vision, one of those vision is Christian Education, we have establish Kindergarten school since 2014. When the school is progressing after two years we formally register the school for its legality in 2016. PAUD ADOANI or Adonai Kindergarten school is recognize by the department of education here. Couple of events the education department from the city Mayor office acquired to held  combine school event at Adonai Kindergarten school, actually the school house the event because, our church building is conducive to organize events. “Praise God upon that Adonai Kindergarten school is short listed with few others school to undergo accreditation last year 2023. School admin and teachers work very hard to prepared  all the legal documentations that education department office from the kindergarten division required. “Glory to God,  all necessary  document was done accordingly and send to the department. Now we are awaiting for the grading from the education department to accredited the level of the school, otherwise our school is recognize by the provincial  education board. This school is qualified to start primary school in the future. The only obstacle we have! we must  register church foundation under AG Adonai Worship Center, then any ministry component can be legally establish up on that foundation, school, Health, orphanage home etc. We did the registration process for couple of different time through the notaries, notaries advice us the names we suggest unfortunately was decline from the system, this year we will work on that to establish church foundation and will look into starting primary school in the future, amen. pray for this school, may God open doors to register church foundation soon amen.


 Urgent need and Pray Points.

family picture

This photo taken in Kolbano Sea Side.

1: Pray for Our church opening this year schedule
2: Pray for Evangelizations reaching new souls.
3: Pray for our church ministry focus this year for Youths and Sunday school also for urban ministry.
4: Pray for Diesel Car for ministry and Family runs.
5: Pray for our monthly constant financial support.
6: Pray for financial donation  for our children for their Education, for now and the future.

A huge acknowledgement for your time to read all our ministry updates December and January 2024, again we will love to get in touch with you, if any query or need some necessary information concerning the work here to not hesitate to make comment below or some specific discussion. waiting to hear from you soon. It will be great to know you if you are new to us, send your contact information in the near future we can get in touch with you God bless.


        Your Sincerely
Julius Walengi



September to the December 2014.

Greetings in Christ  Jesus  to you all. “First of all, I would like to appreciated those of you  for your time and commitment to view our  ministry webpage and read all our stories and our activities also the progress of the Evangelism and church planting in this great nation of Indonesia. “We also gratefully aware that your prayer’s God answer by empowered us to win more Soul to build his kingdom in this great mission field. “We also responsible to share to you all our strength and the weakness in this mission field with you,  our daily ministry  through this full year of 2014 was absolutely progressive we have experience 40% growth in our local church this year, this is a major steps forward with all the ministry strategy through the power of the Holy Spirit, praise God  lots of new souls coming to our local church because we have been ministering to  many  people  therefore some of them now serving in our local church. “As are family we also have experience some good things God has done  to us this year 2014 in our personal lives and needs, we thoroughly  thankful to God for his loving kindness which we have seen him in our family aspects as well as church growth in this year, therefore we acknowledge our living God for making this year a successful year for us. Some of the prayer points that I and my wife prayed for five years ago eventually God answer in this year 2014. Thanks a lot for those of you who are always reminded to  pray for us, your unconditional support in prayer’s that result of our dream comes through this year  2014. We also acknowledge those of  you who support us financially and some of you have personally visited us and see all our ministries activities in the field, also to those of you who consistently visiting our ministry website, I knew your secret prayers for missions that is why we are seeing lots of  spiritual development in our ministry at the  Adonai Worship Center. Many sick people have recovered and now loving God deeply in their heart some of them ministering in our local church result of miracles. “Please if you have visited this website before you log out just leave me a short message with contact point, I will get in touch with you in that manner we can able to know you and keep in touch with you. “In the future either you may visit us or we visit  you some day because we are God’s big family Amen.

Family trip to Papua New Guinea. 

After six years married to my wife Ika,since than we never had the change  to visit  Papua New guinea due to the financial disabilities we have in the field,  by the grace of 20140924_160506 God we always pray and have faith in God to visit PNG one fine day, Praise God now is the perfect time God had set it for us to visit PNG. “This time not only me and Pastor Ika but two other member as well Christy Esther is our first born daughter just turn 4 years and five months old ,and Sonia Marshia is our second born daughter she is one year four month old, it was dream come through for me and my wife to visit Papua New Guinea,All our Ticket is payed from PNG to and fro we spend nothing but God provided all we need, that’s amazing. while in preparation we informed our congregation at the church that we will be leaving to denpasar Bali on the 21st  and departing to Port Moresby on the 22nd September 2014. after the church service on Sunday  we drive  to the Airport in Kupang West-Timor  we meet some of our congregation at the Airport we seat down and share and pray before the departure. then our flight just arrived so we carry our bags every one of our congregation crying we also cry with them as well as encourage them to pray for us until we return to Indonesia safely. We departed from the Eltari Airport in Kupang for one hour forty five minutes arriving in Denpasar Bali my wife’s cousin brother Carlos Eluama  and his wife pick us with their car at the airport we go to a nearest restaurant to had our dinner and drop us at the hotel which is near to the Airport. “We  had the good sleep early morning we wake up and had our breakfast after the breakfast two girls with their mother had the fund at the pool side ,my brother in-law and his wife and two girls came to visit us, so we decided to drive around with my brother in-law  to see the city we when with them and then we return early  to the hotel and had the nap for couple of hour because we are leaving tonight. we wake up at around five O’clock in the evening we suppose to be leaving the hotel early and wait for our flight departing at 9.30 pm  but we where late to board our flight Air Nuigini departing to POM at 9 pm we also arrived at the Airport when to the checking section at the terminal we realized that we are late ,the  Airport Staff advice us the plane is on the runway that was devastated and frustrated with down heart don’t want to  accused each other for the delay, anywhere I told my wife and my daughter Christy lets pray may be its not the right time for us to visit PNG after the pray we encourage our self  lets control our emotions, we repent for our mistake and also praying that if God wanted us to travel to PNG still there will be a way out for us. In Port Moresby at the Jackson International Airport our families and friends are waiting to welcome us and realized that we are not in this flight, so I received couple of phone calls from general superintendent of Assemblies Of God church in Papua New Guinea Rev. Joe Pandu and the AOG  PNG National Treasurer Mr Noel Norikgu call me and I told them that we are late to board our flight , we keep praying and trusting God for this journey  brother Noel Norikgu advice me in the couple of day we will transiting from Singapore to Port Moresby so after two days we flew to Singapore and transiting to Port Moresby, We  knew it was God interference ,we would like to thanks those of you who have being praying for us for the entire trip to Papua New Guinea ,we thank God for your time in pray we could reach PNG safely, so much thankful to those Christians who praying for us during the time of frustration in Bali your prayers that unlocked all the resources that’s  why we make it through and return safely to the Mission field, may God bless you all.

In Papua New Guinea.

20141012_142203We arrived on the 26th of September 2014 in Jackson’s International Airport Port Moresby Papua New Guinea, I remember early morning at  it was raining in Port Moresby, when we come out from the Jackson International Terminal at the entrance we where surprise to see lots of mother where there to welcome  us at the Airport ,they shook hand and hug us, also putting the flowers on our neck, I and my family was surprise because we were not expecting them to welcome us in this manner but it was on respectable principle. My wife was invited for the AOG national Women’s convention in Port Moresby, she was not actually taking the program but to participate in the program as are exposure praise God . Superintendent Rev. Joe Pandu arrange a INN for us to stay for two week so they drive us there at the INN. we meet Sheron she is the INN keeper she is very nice with good hospitality  so loving and care, she always play with Christy and Sonia make them happy. She also provided meal for us while we where there at the INN for this two weeks. our first Sunday we when to Pastor Reverent Joe Pandu’s Church, I preach the word of God after the sermon Rev. Joe  Pandu encourage his congregation to bless us with some financial assistant  for us to use while in PNG ,praise God one of the business man just stood up and gave us K10,000,00 also one of the family  gave us K1,000,00 and one of the young musician in the Church gave us K1.000.00 as well, glory be to Gods.we have the money and this money will take us to wewak and then to Madang all the way to Lae and back to POM, after two weeks we have to travel to wewak to see my family and churches there in Wewak. God bless Elder Theo Torot, Elder Gerard and Benaiah Nari all you donation really help us while in PNG we pray that God will enlarge the boundary and bless you more in all you are doing in Papua New Guinea.

Wewak and to Madang,

20141007_130010We left Port Moresby on the 1st September 2014 to wewak planning to be in Wewak for fours days, after that  we will  travel to Madang and to Lae for Church official pray and release us from the AOG Eriku Local Church also witnessing the church dedication service  on 19th September  in AOG Eriku Lae. when we arrived in Wewak one of my best friends Lincoln and his wife Jane Sani provided us a room for one night and gave us a Land Cruiser five door for us to drive and visiting several place in wewak during this four days period in my home province.The next day we drive to my village KUSAMBUK which is one and half hour drive praise God my elder brother Micheal and my Sister Jenifer meet us in town and we travel together to the village,I and my wife decided to stay at home for this four day. we arrived at my village spend some time with all my family members and some neighbors came to say hey to us it was fund, after that we drive to the church and  we base at the church with the pastor and his family,the remaining couple of days we drive as far as Maprik, we when to Yangoru station to see pastors and some of my relatives as well as friends in Yangoru AOG Church. we when to Maprik we also visit Bible school and maprik town Church also Hyfield technical school and then return to Kusambuk.

On the 6th of September we left Wewak to Madang by Air Nuigini airlines, Pastor Venny in Madang are waiting for us to arrived, when we arrived they pick us and  then take us to the Church, we where  expecting a vessel from Lae to pick us and drive us to Lae,  AOG Eriku those not  provide us the vehicle to take us to Lae, because we are the invited  guest  I never brought my wife and children before to PNG this is the first time after Six years of marriage not only that but we where invited to be in Lae for Church request us to be in Lae  the church pastor and leaders wanted to officially pray and  release us  to fine other sponsoring church, also for the special event on the church dedication service, we pay our airline ticket from wewak to madang we spend our own money to purchase the ticket. but we  expected them at least to send a driver  pick us and drive us to Lae, either personal or hired car. we don’t want to be in Madang, the pastors  in Madang try to call the pastors and the leaders in AOG Eriku Church, out of ignorant no one was responsible for us. anywhere the pastor in Madang apologize to us and said no choice you family will sleep here next day will fine a way for you, I quickly look at my wife  and she  said to me its Ok, they gave us mattress and two bellows I look at my family my wife and two girls I am very  sad from the heart, we still have some money with us, I plan to tell the senior Pastor to drive us to one of the hotel or a guest room for one night, there are still enough time I can to that, but I respect the pastor because he was also disappointed with the pastor and the leaders in Lae. we sleep at the Sunday school classroom  lots of  mosquitoes. I and my wife can’t sleep we have to watch for two girls make sure they sleep well also I understand Papua New Guinea some time is not save for family to sleep in the unprotected house or are room deaf might break and enter could be stealing, murder or  rape anywhere we both pray and ask God for his grace and mercy upon our lives the whole night. Early morning we wake up and thank God for his care upon us after the pray we heard the pastor’s wife calling us to have breakfast with them so we when to their house and had the tea and some bread, after the breakfast the senior pastor when to Town to fine a public bus for us eventually he brought one 25 Seater bus at around 10 am we take are seat  it took us half day to be in madang looking for other passengers, we left Madang by 2 pm in the evening normally takes four hours to drive Madang Lae , anywhere when we are at 40 miles away from the city ,our time is 6.30pm started dark, when we closer to the city 2 mile away from the city the bus came to stop they wanted to drop some bags of nuts all over sudden number of youths came out from the settlement  ask the crew of the bus for money, some youths are almost crapping our pages my wife and my daughter scream we hurry occupied the seat at the front in the bus and the driver pull out from their and drive like crazy  we are save, while still on the way to the city  there are family in Port Moresby arranging a guest house for us to stay in Lae when we had this incident from 2 mile I told the drive to drive us to Mavrra Guest house  for a night. we suppose to drive in to the Church I know they are people waiting for us to arrived , I see my family where very weak also they are skate I don’t want to take them to church and have other problem again so we go straight to the Guest House.

In Lae Morobe Province 

I was in this local church  during the youth days with Youth With A Mission Lae bass, I used to attended this local church for two years, I20141012_142638 share the calling of God to be a missionary overseas with the late Rev. Joseph Maru, and he supported the calling of God in my lives, during the time of his leadership in this local church at the same time he is the National Superintendent of Assemblies Of God in Papua New Guinea.  he empress me on the  calling that I had from the lord  even he wrote me a letter of recognition which I can keep  and give to the pastor of a local church if they are willing to support me in this mission work in Indonesia.

why we where invited ? This mission work where started from this local church through the mission director Sami Haenere, Sami was very committed to work with me he came to west-Timor Indonesia  in 2003 and sees my ministry need ,first thing  late Sami those was he raise funds to buy my motorbike, also he embassize more into other local churches about the work here in Indonesia, Late Sami invited other interested  local churches to paticipate  for this work. that’s how Kimbe AOG Church Missions director Stanley Huasi and the leadership of the church oragized fundraising in 2006  to buy a Van for me to use for ministry.

Praise God now we have this van and the ministry when extra mile for Gods glory.  he arrange other churches as well to involve like Kimbe AOG Church, New Heights AOG in Wewak to contributed funds to support me on the monthly basses, Late Sami has done marvelous job on Mission. I salute him but when he had the confrontation with some  dominant leadership at the church they try to control every thing in the mission department, Sami was very disappointed with few individual in the leadership levels with that Sami and his family left this local church and when starting a new AOG church in 10 miles from there on until today this church not  supporting the work in Indonesia, I am really sure  the congregation of this church is the dying heart of mission, individuals in this church they are secret givers and they did it but the leadership those not have the spirit of God is very changer easily tempted for materialism than follow the Holy Spirit direction, after Sami left no one take his responsibilities to visit me and the family in Indonesia, no financial support since eight years ago, from there up now we lost communicating with the leadership and the church in Lae.

In conjunction with the story above for our visit to Lae is to get our formal prayer release from this local church. Even though we were not supported for 8 years due to respect we when to Lae. when we are still in Port Moresby some good friends of mine advice me not to travel to Lae unless they provide you and the family a ticket, I make mentioned to the church pastor in Lae they told me yes they will buy the ticket for us confirm  this local church will provide ticket to and fro, If you read above story title Wewak to Madang you will see some of our frustration from wewak to Madang and then Madang to  Lae no proper arrangement was made for us infect we are the guest like any other guest who was invited,  from Madang to Lae  we had the call from Koyama family in Port Moresby that they have arranges the Guest house for us to reside by eight o’clock night we where very close to the city  we where almost holdup at the 2 mile settlement  that makes my wife and two girls  shock so I told the driver to take us to the nearby hotel for over night tomorrow  we will meet the pastor and leaders and the church.

On Sunday  morning church service I prepare to preacher the word of God some how the leadership and the pastor gave this program to other pastor and he preach the word of God, they just ignore us we still patient and  wait for the end of the church service, before the end of the church service they call us to be at the front the pastor and the leadership wanted to pray and release us in this church, so four of us all when up to the front and they pray for us, I don’t  feel that this pray release is past on the healthy spirit I really sense in my spirit is totally deceiving Spirit lie and hatred but anywhere we don’t make that become a issue we know we serve God not a church ever since. anywhere we stay for are week in Lae this one week not even are shopping plastic  or money  to do our shopping none at all, we pray and the Lord provided us provision so we able to do our own shopping God Knows we received nothing from the Church who invited us to come, I was patient and we pray God provided food for  us and our Guest House, Josh and Teckla gave us one of their hired car we drive , praise God we pray every night at the Guest house trusting God for our living in Lae God has been faithful to us since when we are in Lae. because the power of the prayers of righteous man is avail much.20141019_125146


As you see the picture above is the church dedication service at the Lae Eriku AOG Church, this serve is very special we have two pioneer missionary from the Assemblies of God Australia, they are the special guest of honor, this morning Rev. Cyril Westbrook was preaching at the church service, after his sermon, Rebone cutting and declared the new name of the Church CENTRAL ASSEMBLIES OF GOD, after that feet washing the senior pastor of church and his wife wash the feet of this two pioneer missionary Cyril and Evelyn Westbrook after the feet end the service and we where advice to drive to Okari Campus for late Lunch and early dinner because its very late in the evening.

After the meal we drive back to the Guest House for backing all our luggage and preparing for tomorrow return to Port Moresby and my wife and two girls will be traveling back to Bali and to West-Timor, when we arrived at the guest house because we have lots of natural food in our guest room so we good some of them, my wife was in the kitchen, I when to meet the church administrator to inform him that the church need to reimburse our money for the ticket from wewak to madang in the night administrator came to our Guest and gave the money that we spend to pay our ticket.

At three O,clock Morning we drive to Nadzab Air port in Lae and checking and  board our flight to Port Moresby when we arrived at the Jackson International Airport we when and check in confirm we drive to see our friends and pray with them and then we came back to the Airport my family departed to Denpasar Bali I am very sad we have travel to gather and now they  leaving to Indonesia, we pray and they left me and board their flight to Bali, bye bye.

please with respect if you happen to view this story, if you are Christian and praying for missions in Indonesia just leave your contact bellow  for communicating in the future, please pray for us in where ever you pray for missions.In all we acknowledge all of you  for the time, may our living God bless you.

your sincerely

Pastor Julius Walengi






Account Details Bellow.

Indonesia Bank Details

Name     : Julius Walengi

Bank       : BCA       Bank-Central -Asia

A/C         : 3140717788

Swift Code: CENAIDJA

Papua New Guinea Bank details.

Name       : Julius Walengi

Bank  :Bank -South – Pacific ( BSP)

A/C   : 1002196630

SwiftCode: BOSPPGP




Visa Expiry

Friends I am requesting for your prayers, my social Budaya visa will be expired on the 30th day of this month .which will be on Wednesday, I have to travel out to East Timor on Tuesday 29-April-2014  to avoid the over stay penalty fees, I need USD$ 500 Dollars to get new visa in Dili East-Timor.


I have Applied for entry permit for  East- Timor three working days and they granted me thirty days visa  to East Timor, this is not the visa but letter of approval here in West-Timor Capital Kupang the actual visa will be stamp at the boader Indonesia and Timorleste call Motain and than by travel bus approximately four hours to arrive in Dili hopefully will be around 8.30 PM Dili Time in the night.

Lord help me to travel tomorrow morning to East Timor capital Dili, Lord you see my needs I am expecting your miracle to happen especially finances for my visa and living cost in Dili for one week. “To you  I put my trust there is none like you, you have proven me many times  in a similar situation even at this point  I know you  will open the doors for me .


Travel Mini Bus to East Timor here is the ticket to take off to Dili on Tuesday.

Travel Mini Bus to East Timor here is the ticket to take off to Dili on Tuesday.

This is the last visa expiry pages.


Family update

His Mercy and Grace firmly sustain our family in this mission field since the beginning of the year 2014, we thoroughly understand that it was the result of your prayers, your restless time given to pray for us for Gods protection and mercy we really appreciated all the effort in standing with us even though you are invisible but spiritual you are right behind us through all the pray support Amen. I and Ika got married on the fifth of September  2008 after one and half year our first daughter born in June -10th – 2010 with  Christy we where doing our usual ministry role around the city and outside from the city, in 27th – April-2013 our second daughter Sonia was born 27th -April 2014  she will turn one year old, Her elder sister Christy on June -10-2014 she will be turning four year I wasn’t realized that time is flying away very quickly Our young family is getting stronger and stronger in Christ Jesus our marriage is already six  old this year will be seven years now.

Family who God bless.

Jesus is the head of the family, every couples who married at the church is like giving their home to Christ Jesus to bless it and lead to the fullest of all,through his lovingJuika wedding Pictures 145 kindness and compassionate love, I thank God for his protection upon our lives myself and my wife Pastor Ika we have being married for almost seven years. We still have that love to each other, we have the common understanding at the times when we have conflict, we also trust each other in our marriage, that give us clear direction to complemented our vision and mission in what we are doing here in this great mission field of Indonesia. At times we also have struggles with our finances, also we have some  emotional words but by the grace of God in are minute we learn to solve all our problems. We are very much glad to become Husband and wife, in a good time we will be together and in the bad time we will stand together nothing will stop us but dead will separated us. once again we enjoy all the goodness of Christ Jesus in our Marriage in are little ways. when we trust in him and uphold our need in prayer as Husband and wife

Christy Schooling.

To God be the glory, April  1st 2014 Christy my daughter when to school to AUS CAN Australia Canada International School for play group, she was not suppose to when to school this time until June but because she was interested in schooling so we take her now she is doing her play group. Every day I have to drive her to school and her mother and younger sister Sonia will wait at the school  until after she completed her class for two hours, I must pick them at around 12 pm, Christy always wanted to kiss her grand-Ma after her school so i have to drive her to grand-Ma after that  we when home. this was don’t a  month kind over new experience with more responsibilities I have to pray for her every time when I drive her to school believing that this kid one day can be a blessing for us  she is valuable resources God  has given me and my wife  even though to the point we have struggle with our finances but one day this little girl may become huge blessing to Daddy and Mummy anywhere.! Christy Esther Walengi is showing her school assignment when she arrived home she will be busy with that assignment by coloring all the picture with all the right colors. Christy will be turning four years in June -10-2014 we valued her education is most priority we wanted to give her better Education in English curriculum one day when I retired as missionary overseas and we will return to Papua New Guinea  she could able to find the job and have her lives or in which ever country she wanted to residing. Friends pray for Christy for better future, Health, pride in her school, Finances for her school fees and the personal utensils Clothes, Shoes, books and. etc

Sonia will turn 1 year.

Thanks God for Sonia Marshia Walengi she is about to turn a year old on Sunday 27th of April 2014 by the grace of God

Sonia one year old

Sonia one year old

Sonia was very healthy and sound in her health from the past 11 months she is very much cut and loving Now Sonia could able to recognize by calling Papa and Mama she is part of our life myself and my wife regardless of so many business in Ministries we are very much appreciated to taking care of her. This little girl is very special in our lives all though we are simple Servant of God but he gave us two girls they are great and pride for us. We are preparing just a gift and bought her a cake for Her birth-Day tomorrow after the Church service we will had the small celebration with her little friends. Her older sister Christy said to me Dad Sonia does not know how to blow off the candle light, and I asked Christy! so who will help Sonia to  blow off  the candle light. ” Christy quickly responded to me and say I will help Sonia to kill the candle light off,  and I said to her  fine I will tell Mummy about your request to help your younger sister to blow off the candle light and we deal.
Little Princess Sonia Daddy, Mummy  and Christy from the  heart we Love you, all the family from West-Timor and Yangoru in Wewak PNG love you and pray for your future God has bless us and will bless you The heart and the blood of Mission is in you, now you are small but one day you will do better than daddy in the work of God we understand that none in this world know your greater future what God has for you, It is our pray that the Living God will cover your lives with his mercy and grace  granted you prosperous future, Jesus Love you.

Prayer Request.

DCIM100MEDIAAll the friends, Churches and those people who have the heart for the mission ministry here, I and my wife we express our heart felt to you, since we started the Church planting here we  try to raise friendship and ministry partners , most important  part of our problems is the financial assistance, we try to raise friends for financial support even today we haven found some body from the church supporting us yet. 1: Pray for our personal and family financial support for monthly. 2: Pray for health and protection of God upon us here. 3: Pray for Christy and Sonia for their health and growth.   Your Sincerely   Walengi’s God bless you .

Easter Celebration April -21-2014


Greetings in Christ Jesus, Praise God with his grace and mercy we have been so busy in doing ministry spend time with family personal activities,we also thanks God for his mercy through out this couple of months at times we come to encounter accident but some how we where able to come out from such tragedy . by his grace we are able to free from all the trouble and continue to serve God, here in West-Timor. Devil never wanted to see many people received Jesus as lord and savior for their salvation therefore deceiver always come to disturbed in diverse ways.

Family of Adonai Worship Center We are seeing spiritual development in our Church and the church growth was very well, we have families joining us in our church meeting every Sunday Morning and midweek fellowship at the Adonai Worship Center, our small church is getting full since the beginning of this year 2014, many of this people are experiencing miracles in their lives and they felt in their heart to fellowship with us.

Not because of change of denomination, no its not. Our Local church is experience revival and the word come real and effective in the senses of the people. glory be to God He is answering your prayers in our ministry and church activities here in West-Timor Indonesia.

The Easter Church program has gone well, we have a church service on the good Friday at  8.30 Am  in the morning Church service also we Communion table had the communion service on that morning. On the 19th Saturday I call on every one who will be participate on Jesus March  on Monday 21 April its are requirement to every one must pray and fasting during the day on Saturday at the evening we will gathered together at the church at around  5: pm in the evening  pray until 8 pm in the night. Praise God every one attend during the time of pray we have about 60 people attend and we all pray for the Jesus March event, praise God Holy Spirit pored in our pray night. we also have some friends from Holland and few other people as well attended the pray meeting it was tremendous time we had on Saturday night. Praise God on Sunday Morning the whole church came together had the powerful praise and worship in our church at the same time our youth preparing for Jesus March the next day few mothers help the youth organize food for next day, it was really fund and every one was very excited for the event tomorrow.

Truck loaded with Musical Instruments

Truck loaded with Musical Instruments

This Truck is preparing and decorated with Music and lights for Tomorrow our youths are very committed in arranging all this musical instruments, they sleep on the road side to take care of this truck in case of anything might missing, We mean business for this event because many people will be on the road side to watch when we walking and celebrating the dead and the resurrection of Christ Jesus and proclaim that his is King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, we wanted to make use of this time promoting Jesus in the city.

Monday morning every one came to the church for pray also to get the final instruction before taking the possession No 117 at 10 Am in the morning, we gathered and pray at the Church until 10.30 Am we finish our pray time every one make their way to the location ELTARI 1 that is where we will meet other churches and denomination preparing for March at around 5 Pm we will start until finish at 11 PM night at SAMSUNGJalan Timor Raya. ”Praise God Thousand and Thousands are standing and sitting at the side of the road watching when we passed through with Music with celebration declaring his dead and resurrection of Jesus Christ during our journey we also give away the track and the contact details of our church ministry to many people of the street and request them to visit us that was amazing our desire come through. many

DSC00738people on the road  it was great moment we have time to share the love and mercy of  God through celebration, we also able to declare that Jesus is the Son of God over this province and the city of west-Timor and Indonesia. He is  the Coming king in front of many religion, tribes and people along the way.  Adonai generation getting ready  for March in the couple of minutes time .To God be glorified,  pray for us in all our ministry here, God is explore his power in our ministry through miracles, signs and wonders in our Church.





Ministry report Month of September

Dear Friends

greetings in Christ Jesus.

Here is our ministry report for this month of September, just to inform you about what God is doing here in this mission field, this month we had some important visitors from Papua New Guinea  visiting us for one week and also we have seen some ministry developments taking place in our ministry circle also some local missions project that we have working on, our Church fellowship and Church ministry development as you may look through bellow.

        Church Renovation 

DCIM100MEDIA  Ben on the right , Marcel center and Oscar left this youths are painting the  Church wall Adonai Worship Center Church they work for are week to shape our local church looking good, since we start the local Church some three years ago up now we never to a major renovation, this university student feeling responsible to serve God in this small ways, Its  lunch time now they are ready to have their lunch in Indonesian call (Makan Siang).

bye the grace of God we have completed the painting and also change the doors of the Church praise God now our small church is looking very  good  and new, we see our local church improved in  praise and Worship new members  joining the Church service  seems our Church is  increasing  for God be the glory. when we experience the spiritual development physical development will accompany  Amen.


Our Weekly Fellowship.

DCIM100MEDIA Praise God we have experiencing the spiritual development in our church ministries, our new strategic on how to reach as many people it work, we are very strong in one on one Evangelism and home fellowship, from the home fellowship we invite many people to come at Wednesday mid week fellowship at the Adonai Worship Center,  So that is how, we build stronger relationship with other people eventually they see how heart we have for them through Christ not only in ministry but physical needs even to the point they are sick or they are rejected in the community we are always there to help them in pray and visitation. some times for once we help them  finances but many time we provide them food, that’s how we see most of our  home fellowship really powerful, also we pray for sick the miracles taking place people see the power of God so they bring their family members also if some other people have problems or sick they bring them to me and my wife to ministering them in order for them to repent in Christ JesusDCIM100MEDIA

out come of our home fellowship now we see people just bring their family and also new souls are attending in our ministry every time we host small ministry in the house of those family which we schedule to have fellowship new people a always coming to Christ Jesus, like you see on your right side this people are making commitment to follow Jesus for the first time. about fifteen people received Christ Jesus in this month like what you are seeing from the right side people raising their hands at that point they surrender their lives to Christ Jesus.we seeing many people repented but our huge work is how we nature them and help them grow from their spiritual new life when we come to this point we need more time and commitment also money involve for the growth of this newly converted Christians.

DCIM100MEDIA Ten O’Clock night I had the knock at my door when my wife open the door and welcome a mother and two of her daughters, Its is Ibu Raheal and her two  daughter Shelly red and Nita white gray strike, Shelly is doing here senior High  School her younger sister Nita is doing her junior high school, This lady Raheal almost every day she sale her greens and  vegetable walking from distant usually she come bye to where I am renting the  House, we give her water and some time we gave her little pit of money so that she would shop food for  dinner, this lady she brought two of her daughter to me and said to me Bapa I allowed two of my daughter to come to your church pray for them to have a heart for God and also their school and school fees so that they could completed their education, when we are discussing and i felt in my heart that lots of people are very unfortunate in personal and family life’s God reminded me once I was planning to start a orphanage  and help this poor kids and father and motherless kids and give them hope of live Especially education is No one  when Raheal told me about the situation she when through to help this two girls for their education. please pray for this, one day by the grace of God we could start the Orphanage ministry that will give lives to the hopeless kids and give them the sense of hope to those hopeless kids other religion use that as are pet to take Christian Children to converts to other religions.

Water Baptism 

Praise God by his mercy and grace one of the fellowship member decided to have her water baptism  this month September, I and pastor Ika conducted a water baptism at one of the swimming pool at the City,Sister Jenny Wongsono was baptizes 23rd of September we had  couple of people witness including her brother and sister in law witness   SAMSUNG SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNG   Ps Joe Pandu and Noel Norikgu visit. Pastor Joe Pandu and Noel Norikgu from the Assemblies Of God Papua New Guinea came to visit us as well as see the  mission work which we are doing here their visit was very crucial to me and the family for long time none of  the people from Papua New Guinea visit me and see what God is doing in my ministry as are missionary service long time here in West-Timor Indonesia, they arrive here on the 13th of September and return on the 15th of September to Bali and to POM, we held the two night ministry that two night ministry was very powerful our small church was full, I do not wanted to invite others to come because I wanted my pastors to see what God is doing in my ministry when I say lots of Souls are coming to Christ Jesus they can believed on what i told them, I drive them to couple of places where I am working on view projects. SAMSUNG   This our first night ministry at the Adonai Worship Center with Pastor Joe and Noel, we have seen many people coming to Christ Jesus, regardless either Christian or Muslim so long as some body come to Christ Jesus the Heaven rejoice and earth glorified the name of Jesus. I have make mentioned earlier on our strategic for  Evangelism now is more active then our previews tactic on Evangelism, praise God two of my pastor they see them self  and excited about what God is doing here, I explain to them all the needs mainly  on financial needs for us as family we have struggle but pursue on the work there, also I told them that we need the proper Church building so that we could used that building not only for Church service but we can able to start a bible school, and kinder garden School. SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNG

Sunday 29th September 

This Sunday we had Bobby and Neisyah Lianto fellowship with us and share the word of God with us, Adonai Worship Center had made a commitment with Bobby and his wife to visit us every two months praise God  Bobby is one of the Local  Business man he love God and serve God  although he is very busy but he also make time for serving God. DCIM100MEDIA He was speaking about living in the  Light he share more on his life Testimony he had lots of failure but he always make DCIM100MEDIAare room for Holy Spirit at times he was weak, He also encouraging the congregation an said, when you are fail and fall into Sin the deceiver Satan always come with contamination that eventually make you feel unworthy, that is the point where many people those not faithful again start loosing there hope feeling unworthy to attend the church service and so on, but there are  assurance the blood of Jesus can cleans all our Sin and purified us, we also must not fall into the same sin over and over but try to discipline your self always live in the light , if you are young you must keep your first kiss only to your husband or wife do not give away to any one who will not be your wife or your husband the first kiss, It really encouraging because at this time lots of  people are not trust worthy many man and women are living double standard compromising Live but we as Christian must faithful with God and living a lives in the light.

Family information 

 By the grace of God we are doing well with our family lives, our two children  Christy is just turn three years old and her younger sister Sonia Marshia is just turn five months old my wife and I we are doing great for the last six month we have been safe and sound in the Lord, none of us encounter accident or sick by the grace of God all things go well. DCIM100MEDIA we encourage those of you who used to monitoring all our ministry activities here in  West-Timor Indonesia we would to inquire your support in terms of pray or visit and financial support to help sustain us to continue the mission ministry here in West-Timor Indonesia. We have been serving this mission field for the  last six years with wife and children without proper financial support to keep us moving in the ministry and extended the vision and mission here in this part of the nation of Indonesia, we find difficulties to survive without proper financial support. again if we complement together we will achieve  the vision and dreams. our Address is bellow if any information or comment please leave your message before with you contact Number so that we could able to keep in touch  other wish our ministry contact is bellow please feel free to contact us.




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Rev Joe Pandu and Noel Norikgu visit West-Timor mission Indonesia.

Joe and Noel Arrival 

We setup two nights ministry at the church for them to share the word and blessed the local church mainly to see the growth of our local church Adonai Worship Center, it will be on Wednesday night and Thursday night, other days I will drive them around to show them some of the development that has done during my mission ministry in this part of the nation of Indonesia.

Also we will have time to sit down and discus about the future vision and mission of this mission field, we have seen miracles and signs in our ministry as well as many souls are coming to our church service every time we need the better place to conducted our church service therefore I pray that this leadership team could able to see and had the conviction  by responding to our immediate  needs that are arising in this fields either ministry also personal . Right now we are desperately needing the Church building from the church building we could able to do many other things as well like bible school , kinder garden school, and the leadership training school.

First night revival meeting

This is our first night meeting at Adonai Worship Center pastor Joe Pandu share the word about the women who had the flowing of blood  for twelve years but when she heard that Jesus is about to passing bye she had the faith and said, so long as I touch him I will be healed eventually she did it immediately she was cute from the flowing of blood. situation and circumstance you have in your lives simple is that, act by faith to touch him the healing power will flow into your lives and you might experience new things in your situation and lives.

Infect this meeting is a small meeting only for the local Church members because I wanted to have our leaders to see the progress of the work here its important for them to take the report back to Papua New Guinea so that many of our brothers and sisters there to see and responded to pray or support financial for the work here.

Second Revival Meeting

Praise God this is our second night  revival meeting at the church Adonai Worship Center Noel Norikgu share the SAMSUNGword of God with us seems many people came the small church was so full about ninety to hundred people attend the church service that night it was blessing some new people got repented for the first time it was amazing for Gods glory. after the meeting people feel wanted to have one more night but impossible because of time limitation, after this visitation and ministry the word of God really motivated the church congregation to go more and bear fruit in their personal lives  and spiritual  lives particularly ministry and  Business .

after the church service congregation wanted to shook hands with each others also  with the guest. Praise God after long time we have expecting the leaders to visit us by the grace of God we have the PNG  AOG leadership with us now that encourage the congregation and this time God has answer our prayers it was very power all thought its small but church and meeting but powerful in sensing the presence of God in this small church. Thank God we are bless to have two of your servant that are visiting us here in west-Timor Indonesia.


SAMSUNGTwo of AOG  pastor I invited them to meet up with Pastor Joe and Noel so they came and we had the time share and  introduce each other and had some pray in the hotel because this are the pastors who I used to help them and work close with, Pastor  Jerry Adoe is the senior pastor of Assemblies Of God Nazareth local Church  in Dofa and Pastor Benny Mundung is a district leader and a Syloam Assemblies Of God local church Kayu Putih both pastors are in the city and we had the very close relationship with one and other.

See the picture from the left to right , Noel Norikgu left , Pastor Benny Mundung center left, pastor Joe Pandu center and Pastor Jerry Adoe fare right we had the time sharing and praying for the work of God here in West-Timor Indonesia.I pray and believed that our good lord will make the way for the work here in this part of the nation of Indonesia, we need lots of prayers and friends who can stand with us for the work here, remote villages need many local churches to build and save many people in and around the province of Timor.

Visiting Kuanheume

After we had the lunch five of us travel to several place where my local Church Adonai Worship Center had some project like Building a Pastors house at the Kuanheum Assemblies Of God local Church I drive Joe and Noel to see the work there, praise God when we arrive  the pastor is there he is from Wamena West-Papua, he greet us.

SAMSUNGThis pastors house I and the church congregation have work since the beginning of the year. we just wait for the timber and we have the timber already I have given some money already to the local carpenter he will start work anytime from now so longs all things are ready we have faith to completed this pastor house at thee end of this year because next year we have other vision and plans to build a church. pray for all the resources especially financial release to complete the building.

Preparing to plan new church next year.

Next year we are preparing to plan a new local church in NECON this is where many refugees from East-Timor residing, they are our congregation residing there also they are reaching out to others for Christ Jesus also they are About uspassionate for the work of God there, every Sunday morning they conducted the church service in there house therefore  we as a Church  Adonai Worship Center and congregation feel more obligate to help and plan this local church for the glory of God and his kingdom extension.

Also behind the Church grown there is a small mountain in that mountain we are going to build a prayer tower for the churches, that mountain has the good looking view  especially when you  look down to the valley, is so beautiful, Pray is the key when we pray we could see miracles signs and wonders in our ministry work and family transparency therefore we will pray to raise funds to build this prayer tower to empowered the local churches in pray and God will  extended his kingdom on earth.


Mission Trip

Mission Trip

from the back of the picture you could see the small house that is where our congregation are conducting Sunday church service, behind that where you see the tress that is where the small mountain which we are planning to put up the pray tower for the churches and individuals to spend time with God.

In this work we need your pray support as well as financial support as you go through the report feeling that you are at the crucial possession to support the mission work I would like to encourage you to stand with us to build his kingdom on earth especially here in this nation of Indonesia, we can’t do many with out you as we complemented then the lord will used you and I to established his vision and mission in this world.’

Sunday Morning Church Service 

We had the great Sunday morning Church service at Adonai Worship Center with Pastor Joe Pandu and Noel Norikgu, the Church felt the power of the Holy Spirit come upon the local Church, even the praise and worship was incredible and powerful the expression of worship was high congregation feel the presence of God there every one worship God with tears on their checks, even we have some new people attending the church service literally God change them when they go home they decided to changes and follow Jesus Christ it was good news to us, one person got safe Heaven rejoices. pray for Church growth here in Adonai Worship Center.


SAMSUNGAs you see  the picture above, the church is experiencing the move of the Holy Spirit, praise God end times God is visiting his Church, in this last hour the pouring of the Holy Spirit will be manifested in the Church in order  to revive and to restored his people this is what the church is needing and we experiencing that in our small local church, praise God in our local church we have encounter miracles signs and wonders healing taking place every time, this morning when pastor Joe pray for several people and they felt onto the crown it was amazing that never happen in here but this is a new experience for the christian here YOU KNOW WHAT? people are hungry and thirsty for God. pray for more spiritual revival in this nation of Indonesia. your prayer will not be loose but reward.

After everything the Church gave Pastor Joe and Noel a small gift and we pray for them before they left to Bali andSAMSUNGdata:text/mce-internal,board their flight to Port Moresby on Monday, we gave them traditional batik  simply its a sign of appreciation and  agreement we made with them as I pray for the blessing of God upon their lives family and ministry, after the church service we  had the Lunch together and then drive them to Airport see pictures bellow.

This is the end of the ministry for this week,thanks Pastor Joe Pandu as acting National Superintendent  Assemblies Of God Papua New Guinea, Also to Noel Norikgu National Treasurer  of  thee  Assemblies Of God Papua New Guinea we really appreciated your time visiting us here in West-Timor it is meaningful and also given us more courage on the work of God here, your coming is not mistake but timely as you have seen all the work that has done also you have heard the future plan of this work we need your prayers and visitation and support so that we can be part and Passel on this great work of God here in West-Timor Indonesia.


I take this time to appreciated those of you who are very often updated on the work here in West-Timor Indonesia, please I would like to inquire if you have any idea to share with us or any comment you’ll like to leave please the space bellow is where you may leave your address for communication purpose as well as leave you comment.

Hereby would like to acknowledge your time and effort in advance to be with us in one way or thee other your contribution is appreciated May God bless you and all your activities at this time and future.

Your Sincerely


Pastor Julius Walengi 

Adonai Worship Center.

Kupang NTT Indonesia. 



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Get prepared we are in the End Times.

Second Coming of Jesus

Jesus promised His disciples He would come again. It’s in the Bible, John 14:1-3, TLB. “Let not your heart be troubled. You are trusting God, now trust in Me. There are many homes up there where my Father lives, and I am going to prepare them for your coming. When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so that you can always be with Me where I am. If this weren’t so, I would tell you plainly. And you know where I am going and how to get there.”Christ’s return will be literal and real. It’s in the Bible, Acts 1:10-11, TLB. “It was not long afterwards that He rose into the sky and disappeared into a cloud, leaving them staring after Him. As they were straining their eyes for another glimpse, suddenly two white-robed men were standing there among them, and said, ‘Men of Galilee, why are you standing here staring at the sky? Jesus has gone away to heaven, and some day, just as He went, He will return!'”How will Jesus come again? It’s in the Bible, Luke 21:27, NIV. “At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”

How many will see Him when He comes? It’s in the Bible, Revelation 1:7, NIV. “Look, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of Him.”

What will we see and hear when He comes? It’s in the Bible, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, NIV. “For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.”

How visible is His coming to be? It’s in the Bible, Matthew 24:27, NIV. “For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”

Christ’s coming will be unexpected and dramatic. It’s in the BIble, 2 Peter 3:10, NKJV. ” But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.”

What warning has Christ given so we won’t be fooled about the second coming? It’s in the Bible, Matthew 24:23-26, NIV. “At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There He is!’ do not believe it. For false Christ’s and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time. So if anyone tells you, ‘There He is, out in the desert,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here He is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it.”

Does anyone know the exact time of Christ’s coming? It’s in the Bible, Matthew 24:36, NIV. “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

Knowing how human it is to procrastinate, what does Christ tell us to do? It’s in the Bible, Matthew 24:42, NKJV. “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.”

What warning has Christ given that we might not be taken by surprise by this great event? It’s in the Bible, Luke 21:34-36, NKJV. ” But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthyto escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

Why is Jesus second coming taking so long? It’s in the Bible, II Peter 3:8-9, NIV. “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

While we wait for Jesus, how should we live? It’s in the Bible, Titus 2:11-14, NKJV. ” For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works.”

What will the world be like when Jesus comes? It’s in the Bible, Matthew 24:37-39, NIV. “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

Will Christ’s coming be a time of reward? It’s in the Bible, Matthew 16:27 and Revelation 22:12, NIV. “For the Son of Man is going to come in His Father’s glory with His angels, and then He will reward each person according to what he has done.” “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with Me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.”

Why is Jesus coming back? It’s in the Bible, Hebrews 9:28, TLB. “So also Christ died only once as an offering for the sins of many people; and He will come again, but not to deal again with our sins. This time He will come bringing salvation to all those who are eagerly and patiently waiting for Him.”

At Jesus’ second coming, we will fully experience the reality of our salvation. It’s in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 1:7-8, TLB. “Now you have every grace and blessing; every spiritual gift and power for doing His will are yours during this time of waiting for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. And He guarantees right up to the end that you will be counted free from all sin and guilt on that day when He returns.”

What is the last promise Jesus gives us in the Bible? It’s in the Bible, Revelation 22:20, NKJV. “He who testifies to these things says, ‘Surely I am coming quickly.’ Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus”

Please we are in the end time God has fulfilled his promise with  the Signs and wonders that’s has happen in the middle East and around the world therefore keep focus on God and mind your spiritual Business with God rather then double standing  it will confuse your faith and destroy our eternal destiny. Amen!

blessing .

Ministry Report this week.