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Adonai, December 2023 and January 2024 News Update.

Night Church Service.


Greetings to you all our valuable Friends and Partner’s. I hereby would like to appreciated  you all for your unwavering support in terms of pray, encouragement, visitation and financial support to enhance evangelism and Church planting missions here in the province of Kupang ntt Indonesia. With your involvement we have make good progress this far, I realized in our website, they are many Pastors, individuals, family and churches around the world  are interest to know our latest development in this mission field, my sincere apology to you all for not genuine enough to provide latest  ministry news update couple of years back then. “I admitted that during those years I was unable to published all our ministry report due to several reason. Anyhow, I am eager to resume our church website and will update all our ministry progressive news report on the monthly basis or every quarterly in are year. ” I knew they are many people praying for us, God has been so kind to us here in the missions field. We encounter lots of challenges but we were save and protected by the grace of  God. “I salute you all for making God kingdom become your primary purpose in this planet earth. “your time effort and resources that invested to this missions field God will surely bless you in the due course. lets joint hands together in 2024 spiritual and physical aspect to reach many souls in this lovely country Indonesia. Again continue pray for us to reach many souls, baptize them and to make them disciple amen. come visit for missions exposure with us in Indonesia.


Family Update.
Family picture

This picture was taken in Lelogama.

Praise God, we all are pretty well since December last year until January this year. We were protect, none of us encounter any life threatening illness or  tragic accident, we knew its was the power of  prayers God shield and covered us in all our daily activities in ministry and family affairs, amen. “Our first daughter Christy this year June 10 she will turn 14th, our second daughter Sonia this April 27th she will turn 11th, our third daughter Elsie last January  7th  she turn 7th.”Our Christmas and new year eve, we all remain in the city, we have only two days for our family holiday traveling up to Soe, a small town outside of  Kupang with our friend and a brother, Pastor Jo Koro. It take only two hours drive from the City.  We spent are night there and then next day return to the city. Due to ministry assignment we all remain until January 9th the girls return to their ACE  school. “On behalf of my wife and three girls I would like to appreciated you all our respective friends, families and partners who have been generously standing with us in thick and thin, at time we encounter varieties of challenges you come in with encouragement, pray and embrace us with resources, we felt energy and comfort to continue the mission work here in Indonesia. Continue pray for us, visit us and see what God is doing here through us, do not look at our failure but trust God for great things to happen in the years to come as we complement in the ministry amen. Our Urgent pray, please we need the diesel car for personal and Ministry runs, since eight years now we are praying and expecting for miracle to happen, pray also for our three children for their school tuition fees and their books every year, pray for our monthly financial support to cover all our personal expenses on the monthly basis.



Adonai worship Center

Pastor Jo Preaching on the 1st January 2024.

  2023 year end and 1st January 2024

This Christmas and the new year eve turn incredible moment to us, we held our Christmas Church gathering on the 16th of December 2023. We give away 150 invitation, one invitation for two people and  the attendance was  300 people attending our Christmas church meeting at Adonai Worship Center. Actually the event when extremely well. all our guest plus the neighbor, our student parents and church congregation, we all enjoy the praise and worship, the word of God including candle lighting, even the food was delicious, every one before departed to their respective home, many individual whispering the event was amazing, yes  to God be the glory amen.

Our Year end and new year event,  we  have pastor Jo, Koro  a senior pastor of Acc Heights Harvest Church in Sidney Australia. He felt in his heart to come visit us despite not knowing each other in person, we only communicating through whatsapp, all over sudden Pastor Jo, Send me the flight itinerary that he will  arrived on the 29th December 2023 in Denpasar Bali, on the 30th December flew from Bali to Kupang, I inform the church for his coming, we all were very much enthusiasm for his visit, on the 30th December he arrived at Eltari Air Port Kupang, we received him, on the 31st Sunday morning and night  and 1st January  beginning of the year church service, the man of God minster to us, all this three church service was open heaven the anointing of God felt, I literally see every one where ignited by the power of the  Holy Spirit through the way we worship that was  absolutely awesome. We concluded our festive season with great aspiration for greater things ahead this year 2024. It was a perfect moment to meet up with such great man of God and to discuss common views on the work of God, as to how we should strategies vision and missions to expend Gods work in this 21st Century, reaching the un-reach for Jesus. The harvest is plenty and the workers are few  (Matt 9.37.38),  I encourage those of you readings this article, we invite you to come and visit us for missions exposure. Amen.


December 2023


Ministry focus 2024.

We have a tradition of fasting and praying for one or two weeks every January before the church business begins every year, 0n Monday 15th January 2024  we start fasting and praying for ten days for this year, only week days Monday to Friday, we end our fasting and praying on the 28th January 2024. after ending our fasting and praying, we feel great energetic with fresh conscience to resume all the  church  ministry activities in February 2024. “Our local church primary focus this year 2024 and next year 2025 will be vividly focusing on the  Youth and Sunday school ministry, local missions we will most precisely committed in terms of visitation, conducting revival ministry, although they are possibilities for church planting unfortunately we are still focusing on the project we have in the main church as are base. Therefore we will not committed in any short of physical project but will continue to build strong relationship will all our partners in the urban center until such time in the future we will build physical church building in the remote center.

Currently we are praying and trusting God to complete Adonai Worship Center church interior, comprise of Carpet Laying, finalize electrical cables, chairs, musical instruments including Sound System and lightings. Pray with us for financial release to get all the needed items purchase to setup the church for official opening this year 2024. your prayers is valuable amen.


Church kindergarten School.

Adonai Worship Center.

Adonai Kindergarten student Singing at our 2023 Christmas church service at Adonai Worship Center.

Adonai Worship Center has numerous vision, one of those vision is Christian Education, we have establish Kindergarten school since 2014. When the school is progressing after two years we formally register the school for its legality in 2016. PAUD ADOANI or Adonai Kindergarten school is recognize by the department of education here. Couple of events the education department from the city Mayor office acquired to held  combine school event at Adonai Kindergarten school, actually the school house the event because, our church building is conducive to organize events. “Praise God upon that Adonai Kindergarten school is short listed with few others school to undergo accreditation last year 2023. School admin and teachers work very hard to prepared  all the legal documentations that education department office from the kindergarten division required. “Glory to God,  all necessary  document was done accordingly and send to the department. Now we are awaiting for the grading from the education department to accredited the level of the school, otherwise our school is recognize by the provincial  education board. This school is qualified to start primary school in the future. The only obstacle we have! we must  register church foundation under AG Adonai Worship Center, then any ministry component can be legally establish up on that foundation, school, Health, orphanage home etc. We did the registration process for couple of different time through the notaries, notaries advice us the names we suggest unfortunately was decline from the system, this year we will work on that to establish church foundation and will look into starting primary school in the future, amen. pray for this school, may God open doors to register church foundation soon amen.


 Urgent need and Pray Points.

family picture

This photo taken in Kolbano Sea Side.

1: Pray for Our church opening this year schedule
2: Pray for Evangelizations reaching new souls.
3: Pray for our church ministry focus this year for Youths and Sunday school also for urban ministry.
4: Pray for Diesel Car for ministry and Family runs.
5: Pray for our monthly constant financial support.
6: Pray for financial donation  for our children for their Education, for now and the future.

A huge acknowledgement for your time to read all our ministry updates December and January 2024, again we will love to get in touch with you, if any query or need some necessary information concerning the work here to not hesitate to make comment below or some specific discussion. waiting to hear from you soon. It will be great to know you if you are new to us, send your contact information in the near future we can get in touch with you God bless.


        Your Sincerely
Julius Walengi