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Visa Expiry

Friends I am requesting for your prayers, my social Budaya visa will be expired on the 30th day of this month .which will be on Wednesday, I have to travel out to East Timor on Tuesday 29-April-2014  to avoid the over stay penalty fees, I need USD$ 500 Dollars to get new visa in Dili East-Timor.


I have Applied for entry permit for  East- Timor three working days and they granted me thirty days visa  to East Timor, this is not the visa but letter of approval here in West-Timor Capital Kupang the actual visa will be stamp at the boader Indonesia and Timorleste call Motain and than by travel bus approximately four hours to arrive in Dili hopefully will be around 8.30 PM Dili Time in the night.

Lord help me to travel tomorrow morning to East Timor capital Dili, Lord you see my needs I am expecting your miracle to happen especially finances for my visa and living cost in Dili for one week. “To you  I put my trust there is none like you, you have proven me many times  in a similar situation even at this point  I know you  will open the doors for me .


Travel Mini Bus to East Timor here is the ticket to take off to Dili on Tuesday.

Travel Mini Bus to East Timor here is the ticket to take off to Dili on Tuesday.

This is the last visa expiry pages.


Traveling out for my Visa


I am planning to travel out for my visa coming Wednesday, I believed God for my fares to get my visa and return to Indonesia to be with my family in Kupang.

Pray for my protection as I traveling to get my visa, I am praying and believing God for my ticket to Australia, If I don’t  come up with average amount which I need to get my ticket the last option will be traveling to Dili hope next week. but I still trusting God for my ticket  fare to Aussie.

I need your prayers do uphold me in your prayers.


Pastor Julius Walengi


My visa expires early in the new month

Dear Friends

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am preparing to go out to Australia to get my visa, although East Timor is very close for me to applied for new visa, in fact I was planning to visit some friends in Australia, I have Australian visa for one year that make it very easy to travel and return to Indonesia.

This November 15-11-2012 planning on to Australia, I am praying for my ticket from Kupang Bali and To Australia and return from Australia Bali and to Kupang, I am praying for $1.500,00 and believing God to have this money before 15th November.

If you have the peace to assisted me financially it will be great and appreciated in advance.

Your sincerely

Julius Walengi

Missionary West-Timor Indonesia