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September to the December 2014.

Greetings in Christ  Jesus  to you all. “First of all, I would like to appreciated those of you  for your time and commitment to view our  ministry webpage and read all our stories and our activities also the progress of the Evangelism and church planting in this great nation of Indonesia. “We also gratefully aware that your prayer’s God answer by empowered us to win more Soul to build his kingdom in this great mission field. “We also responsible to share to you all our strength and the weakness in this mission field with you,  our daily ministry  through this full year of 2014 was absolutely progressive we have experience 40% growth in our local church this year, this is a major steps forward with all the ministry strategy through the power of the Holy Spirit, praise God  lots of new souls coming to our local church because we have been ministering to  many  people  therefore some of them now serving in our local church. “As are family we also have experience some good things God has done  to us this year 2014 in our personal lives and needs, we thoroughly  thankful to God for his loving kindness which we have seen him in our family aspects as well as church growth in this year, therefore we acknowledge our living God for making this year a successful year for us. Some of the prayer points that I and my wife prayed for five years ago eventually God answer in this year 2014. Thanks a lot for those of you who are always reminded to  pray for us, your unconditional support in prayer’s that result of our dream comes through this year  2014. We also acknowledge those of  you who support us financially and some of you have personally visited us and see all our ministries activities in the field, also to those of you who consistently visiting our ministry website, I knew your secret prayers for missions that is why we are seeing lots of  spiritual development in our ministry at the  Adonai Worship Center. Many sick people have recovered and now loving God deeply in their heart some of them ministering in our local church result of miracles. “Please if you have visited this website before you log out just leave me a short message with contact point, I will get in touch with you in that manner we can able to know you and keep in touch with you. “In the future either you may visit us or we visit  you some day because we are God’s big family Amen.

Family trip to Papua New Guinea. 

After six years married to my wife Ika,since than we never had the change  to visit  Papua New guinea due to the financial disabilities we have in the field,  by the grace of 20140924_160506 God we always pray and have faith in God to visit PNG one fine day, Praise God now is the perfect time God had set it for us to visit PNG. “This time not only me and Pastor Ika but two other member as well Christy Esther is our first born daughter just turn 4 years and five months old ,and Sonia Marshia is our second born daughter she is one year four month old, it was dream come through for me and my wife to visit Papua New Guinea,All our Ticket is payed from PNG to and fro we spend nothing but God provided all we need, that’s amazing. while in preparation we informed our congregation at the church that we will be leaving to denpasar Bali on the 21st  and departing to Port Moresby on the 22nd September 2014. after the church service on Sunday  we drive  to the Airport in Kupang West-Timor  we meet some of our congregation at the Airport we seat down and share and pray before the departure. then our flight just arrived so we carry our bags every one of our congregation crying we also cry with them as well as encourage them to pray for us until we return to Indonesia safely. We departed from the Eltari Airport in Kupang for one hour forty five minutes arriving in Denpasar Bali my wife’s cousin brother Carlos Eluama  and his wife pick us with their car at the airport we go to a nearest restaurant to had our dinner and drop us at the hotel which is near to the Airport. “We  had the good sleep early morning we wake up and had our breakfast after the breakfast two girls with their mother had the fund at the pool side ,my brother in-law and his wife and two girls came to visit us, so we decided to drive around with my brother in-law  to see the city we when with them and then we return early  to the hotel and had the nap for couple of hour because we are leaving tonight. we wake up at around five O’clock in the evening we suppose to be leaving the hotel early and wait for our flight departing at 9.30 pm  but we where late to board our flight Air Nuigini departing to POM at 9 pm we also arrived at the Airport when to the checking section at the terminal we realized that we are late ,the  Airport Staff advice us the plane is on the runway that was devastated and frustrated with down heart don’t want to  accused each other for the delay, anywhere I told my wife and my daughter Christy lets pray may be its not the right time for us to visit PNG after the pray we encourage our self  lets control our emotions, we repent for our mistake and also praying that if God wanted us to travel to PNG still there will be a way out for us. In Port Moresby at the Jackson International Airport our families and friends are waiting to welcome us and realized that we are not in this flight, so I received couple of phone calls from general superintendent of Assemblies Of God church in Papua New Guinea Rev. Joe Pandu and the AOG  PNG National Treasurer Mr Noel Norikgu call me and I told them that we are late to board our flight , we keep praying and trusting God for this journey  brother Noel Norikgu advice me in the couple of day we will transiting from Singapore to Port Moresby so after two days we flew to Singapore and transiting to Port Moresby, We  knew it was God interference ,we would like to thanks those of you who have being praying for us for the entire trip to Papua New Guinea ,we thank God for your time in pray we could reach PNG safely, so much thankful to those Christians who praying for us during the time of frustration in Bali your prayers that unlocked all the resources that’s  why we make it through and return safely to the Mission field, may God bless you all.

In Papua New Guinea.

20141012_142203We arrived on the 26th of September 2014 in Jackson’s International Airport Port Moresby Papua New Guinea, I remember early morning at  it was raining in Port Moresby, when we come out from the Jackson International Terminal at the entrance we where surprise to see lots of mother where there to welcome  us at the Airport ,they shook hand and hug us, also putting the flowers on our neck, I and my family was surprise because we were not expecting them to welcome us in this manner but it was on respectable principle. My wife was invited for the AOG national Women’s convention in Port Moresby, she was not actually taking the program but to participate in the program as are exposure praise God . Superintendent Rev. Joe Pandu arrange a INN for us to stay for two week so they drive us there at the INN. we meet Sheron she is the INN keeper she is very nice with good hospitality  so loving and care, she always play with Christy and Sonia make them happy. She also provided meal for us while we where there at the INN for this two weeks. our first Sunday we when to Pastor Reverent Joe Pandu’s Church, I preach the word of God after the sermon Rev. Joe  Pandu encourage his congregation to bless us with some financial assistant  for us to use while in PNG ,praise God one of the business man just stood up and gave us K10,000,00 also one of the family  gave us K1,000,00 and one of the young musician in the Church gave us K1.000.00 as well, glory be to Gods.we have the money and this money will take us to wewak and then to Madang all the way to Lae and back to POM, after two weeks we have to travel to wewak to see my family and churches there in Wewak. God bless Elder Theo Torot, Elder Gerard and Benaiah Nari all you donation really help us while in PNG we pray that God will enlarge the boundary and bless you more in all you are doing in Papua New Guinea.

Wewak and to Madang,

20141007_130010We left Port Moresby on the 1st September 2014 to wewak planning to be in Wewak for fours days, after that  we will  travel to Madang and to Lae for Church official pray and release us from the AOG Eriku Local Church also witnessing the church dedication service  on 19th September  in AOG Eriku Lae. when we arrived in Wewak one of my best friends Lincoln and his wife Jane Sani provided us a room for one night and gave us a Land Cruiser five door for us to drive and visiting several place in wewak during this four days period in my home province.The next day we drive to my village KUSAMBUK which is one and half hour drive praise God my elder brother Micheal and my Sister Jenifer meet us in town and we travel together to the village,I and my wife decided to stay at home for this four day. we arrived at my village spend some time with all my family members and some neighbors came to say hey to us it was fund, after that we drive to the church and  we base at the church with the pastor and his family,the remaining couple of days we drive as far as Maprik, we when to Yangoru station to see pastors and some of my relatives as well as friends in Yangoru AOG Church. we when to Maprik we also visit Bible school and maprik town Church also Hyfield technical school and then return to Kusambuk.

On the 6th of September we left Wewak to Madang by Air Nuigini airlines, Pastor Venny in Madang are waiting for us to arrived, when we arrived they pick us and  then take us to the Church, we where  expecting a vessel from Lae to pick us and drive us to Lae,  AOG Eriku those not  provide us the vehicle to take us to Lae, because we are the invited  guest  I never brought my wife and children before to PNG this is the first time after Six years of marriage not only that but we where invited to be in Lae for Church request us to be in Lae  the church pastor and leaders wanted to officially pray and  release us  to fine other sponsoring church, also for the special event on the church dedication service, we pay our airline ticket from wewak to madang we spend our own money to purchase the ticket. but we  expected them at least to send a driver  pick us and drive us to Lae, either personal or hired car. we don’t want to be in Madang, the pastors  in Madang try to call the pastors and the leaders in AOG Eriku Church, out of ignorant no one was responsible for us. anywhere the pastor in Madang apologize to us and said no choice you family will sleep here next day will fine a way for you, I quickly look at my wife  and she  said to me its Ok, they gave us mattress and two bellows I look at my family my wife and two girls I am very  sad from the heart, we still have some money with us, I plan to tell the senior Pastor to drive us to one of the hotel or a guest room for one night, there are still enough time I can to that, but I respect the pastor because he was also disappointed with the pastor and the leaders in Lae. we sleep at the Sunday school classroom  lots of  mosquitoes. I and my wife can’t sleep we have to watch for two girls make sure they sleep well also I understand Papua New Guinea some time is not save for family to sleep in the unprotected house or are room deaf might break and enter could be stealing, murder or  rape anywhere we both pray and ask God for his grace and mercy upon our lives the whole night. Early morning we wake up and thank God for his care upon us after the pray we heard the pastor’s wife calling us to have breakfast with them so we when to their house and had the tea and some bread, after the breakfast the senior pastor when to Town to fine a public bus for us eventually he brought one 25 Seater bus at around 10 am we take are seat  it took us half day to be in madang looking for other passengers, we left Madang by 2 pm in the evening normally takes four hours to drive Madang Lae , anywhere when we are at 40 miles away from the city ,our time is 6.30pm started dark, when we closer to the city 2 mile away from the city the bus came to stop they wanted to drop some bags of nuts all over sudden number of youths came out from the settlement  ask the crew of the bus for money, some youths are almost crapping our pages my wife and my daughter scream we hurry occupied the seat at the front in the bus and the driver pull out from their and drive like crazy  we are save, while still on the way to the city  there are family in Port Moresby arranging a guest house for us to stay in Lae when we had this incident from 2 mile I told the drive to drive us to Mavrra Guest house  for a night. we suppose to drive in to the Church I know they are people waiting for us to arrived , I see my family where very weak also they are skate I don’t want to take them to church and have other problem again so we go straight to the Guest House.

In Lae Morobe Province 

I was in this local church  during the youth days with Youth With A Mission Lae bass, I used to attended this local church for two years, I20141012_142638 share the calling of God to be a missionary overseas with the late Rev. Joseph Maru, and he supported the calling of God in my lives, during the time of his leadership in this local church at the same time he is the National Superintendent of Assemblies Of God in Papua New Guinea.  he empress me on the  calling that I had from the lord  even he wrote me a letter of recognition which I can keep  and give to the pastor of a local church if they are willing to support me in this mission work in Indonesia.

why we where invited ? This mission work where started from this local church through the mission director Sami Haenere, Sami was very committed to work with me he came to west-Timor Indonesia  in 2003 and sees my ministry need ,first thing  late Sami those was he raise funds to buy my motorbike, also he embassize more into other local churches about the work here in Indonesia, Late Sami invited other interested  local churches to paticipate  for this work. that’s how Kimbe AOG Church Missions director Stanley Huasi and the leadership of the church oragized fundraising in 2006  to buy a Van for me to use for ministry.

Praise God now we have this van and the ministry when extra mile for Gods glory.  he arrange other churches as well to involve like Kimbe AOG Church, New Heights AOG in Wewak to contributed funds to support me on the monthly basses, Late Sami has done marvelous job on Mission. I salute him but when he had the confrontation with some  dominant leadership at the church they try to control every thing in the mission department, Sami was very disappointed with few individual in the leadership levels with that Sami and his family left this local church and when starting a new AOG church in 10 miles from there on until today this church not  supporting the work in Indonesia, I am really sure  the congregation of this church is the dying heart of mission, individuals in this church they are secret givers and they did it but the leadership those not have the spirit of God is very changer easily tempted for materialism than follow the Holy Spirit direction, after Sami left no one take his responsibilities to visit me and the family in Indonesia, no financial support since eight years ago, from there up now we lost communicating with the leadership and the church in Lae.

In conjunction with the story above for our visit to Lae is to get our formal prayer release from this local church. Even though we were not supported for 8 years due to respect we when to Lae. when we are still in Port Moresby some good friends of mine advice me not to travel to Lae unless they provide you and the family a ticket, I make mentioned to the church pastor in Lae they told me yes they will buy the ticket for us confirm  this local church will provide ticket to and fro, If you read above story title Wewak to Madang you will see some of our frustration from wewak to Madang and then Madang to  Lae no proper arrangement was made for us infect we are the guest like any other guest who was invited,  from Madang to Lae  we had the call from Koyama family in Port Moresby that they have arranges the Guest house for us to reside by eight o’clock night we where very close to the city  we where almost holdup at the 2 mile settlement  that makes my wife and two girls  shock so I told the driver to take us to the nearby hotel for over night tomorrow  we will meet the pastor and leaders and the church.

On Sunday  morning church service I prepare to preacher the word of God some how the leadership and the pastor gave this program to other pastor and he preach the word of God, they just ignore us we still patient and  wait for the end of the church service, before the end of the church service they call us to be at the front the pastor and the leadership wanted to pray and release us in this church, so four of us all when up to the front and they pray for us, I don’t  feel that this pray release is past on the healthy spirit I really sense in my spirit is totally deceiving Spirit lie and hatred but anywhere we don’t make that become a issue we know we serve God not a church ever since. anywhere we stay for are week in Lae this one week not even are shopping plastic  or money  to do our shopping none at all, we pray and the Lord provided us provision so we able to do our own shopping God Knows we received nothing from the Church who invited us to come, I was patient and we pray God provided food for  us and our Guest House, Josh and Teckla gave us one of their hired car we drive , praise God we pray every night at the Guest house trusting God for our living in Lae God has been faithful to us since when we are in Lae. because the power of the prayers of righteous man is avail much.20141019_125146


As you see the picture above is the church dedication service at the Lae Eriku AOG Church, this serve is very special we have two pioneer missionary from the Assemblies of God Australia, they are the special guest of honor, this morning Rev. Cyril Westbrook was preaching at the church service, after his sermon, Rebone cutting and declared the new name of the Church CENTRAL ASSEMBLIES OF GOD, after that feet washing the senior pastor of church and his wife wash the feet of this two pioneer missionary Cyril and Evelyn Westbrook after the feet end the service and we where advice to drive to Okari Campus for late Lunch and early dinner because its very late in the evening.

After the meal we drive back to the Guest House for backing all our luggage and preparing for tomorrow return to Port Moresby and my wife and two girls will be traveling back to Bali and to West-Timor, when we arrived at the guest house because we have lots of natural food in our guest room so we good some of them, my wife was in the kitchen, I when to meet the church administrator to inform him that the church need to reimburse our money for the ticket from wewak to madang in the night administrator came to our Guest and gave the money that we spend to pay our ticket.

At three O,clock Morning we drive to Nadzab Air port in Lae and checking and  board our flight to Port Moresby when we arrived at the Jackson International Airport we when and check in confirm we drive to see our friends and pray with them and then we came back to the Airport my family departed to Denpasar Bali I am very sad we have travel to gather and now they  leaving to Indonesia, we pray and they left me and board their flight to Bali, bye bye.

please with respect if you happen to view this story, if you are Christian and praying for missions in Indonesia just leave your contact bellow  for communicating in the future, please pray for us in where ever you pray for missions.In all we acknowledge all of you  for the time, may our living God bless you.

your sincerely

Pastor Julius Walengi






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