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Zhi-Ping Maelzcy Deadora Pandie Arrival

Thanks God for the gift you have given to brother Dany and sister June Pandie. Praise God  for  Zhi-Ping Maelzcy Deodora Pandie’s arrival to be part of this great husband and wife. All family and friends especially Adonai Worship Center have one more soul added in our church congregation.  Amen.

She will be arriving home this evening from Military hospital in Kupang West-Timor.

I was blessed to hear every time when a new baby born especially here in West-Timor  this is what the family used to say, we need more pastors and evangelists, the parents usually confess their son or daughter to become a servant of God.

This is amazing, back from where I come from we don’t do that, not even proclaim, only few out of many do that. Why do they do this? This nation is not Christian, therefore every Christian wants to see their children take gospel to build God’s kingdom.

If you read this articles please pray for Zhi-Ping Maelzcy Deodora Pandie.

God bless