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Family update

His Mercy and Grace firmly sustain our family in this mission field since the beginning of the year 2014, we thoroughly understand that it was the result of your prayers, your restless time given to pray for us for Gods protection and mercy we really appreciated all the effort in standing with us even though you are invisible but spiritual you are right behind us through all the pray support Amen. I and Ika got married on the fifth of September  2008 after one and half year our first daughter born in June -10th – 2010 with  Christy we where doing our usual ministry role around the city and outside from the city, in 27th – April-2013 our second daughter Sonia was born 27th -April 2014  she will turn one year old, Her elder sister Christy on June -10-2014 she will be turning four year I wasn’t realized that time is flying away very quickly Our young family is getting stronger and stronger in Christ Jesus our marriage is already six  old this year will be seven years now.

Family who God bless.

Jesus is the head of the family, every couples who married at the church is like giving their home to Christ Jesus to bless it and lead to the fullest of all,through his lovingJuika wedding Pictures 145 kindness and compassionate love, I thank God for his protection upon our lives myself and my wife Pastor Ika we have being married for almost seven years. We still have that love to each other, we have the common understanding at the times when we have conflict, we also trust each other in our marriage, that give us clear direction to complemented our vision and mission in what we are doing here in this great mission field of Indonesia. At times we also have struggles with our finances, also we have some  emotional words but by the grace of God in are minute we learn to solve all our problems. We are very much glad to become Husband and wife, in a good time we will be together and in the bad time we will stand together nothing will stop us but dead will separated us. once again we enjoy all the goodness of Christ Jesus in our Marriage in are little ways. when we trust in him and uphold our need in prayer as Husband and wife

Christy Schooling.

To God be the glory, April  1st 2014 Christy my daughter when to school to AUS CAN Australia Canada International School for play group, she was not suppose to when to school this time until June but because she was interested in schooling so we take her now she is doing her play group. Every day I have to drive her to school and her mother and younger sister Sonia will wait at the school  until after she completed her class for two hours, I must pick them at around 12 pm, Christy always wanted to kiss her grand-Ma after her school so i have to drive her to grand-Ma after that  we when home. this was don’t a  month kind over new experience with more responsibilities I have to pray for her every time when I drive her to school believing that this kid one day can be a blessing for us  she is valuable resources God  has given me and my wife  even though to the point we have struggle with our finances but one day this little girl may become huge blessing to Daddy and Mummy anywhere.! Christy Esther Walengi is showing her school assignment when she arrived home she will be busy with that assignment by coloring all the picture with all the right colors. Christy will be turning four years in June -10-2014 we valued her education is most priority we wanted to give her better Education in English curriculum one day when I retired as missionary overseas and we will return to Papua New Guinea  she could able to find the job and have her lives or in which ever country she wanted to residing. Friends pray for Christy for better future, Health, pride in her school, Finances for her school fees and the personal utensils Clothes, Shoes, books and. etc

Sonia will turn 1 year.

Thanks God for Sonia Marshia Walengi she is about to turn a year old on Sunday 27th of April 2014 by the grace of God

Sonia one year old

Sonia one year old

Sonia was very healthy and sound in her health from the past 11 months she is very much cut and loving Now Sonia could able to recognize by calling Papa and Mama she is part of our life myself and my wife regardless of so many business in Ministries we are very much appreciated to taking care of her. This little girl is very special in our lives all though we are simple Servant of God but he gave us two girls they are great and pride for us. We are preparing just a gift and bought her a cake for Her birth-Day tomorrow after the Church service we will had the small celebration with her little friends. Her older sister Christy said to me Dad Sonia does not know how to blow off the candle light, and I asked Christy! so who will help Sonia to  blow off  the candle light. ” Christy quickly responded to me and say I will help Sonia to kill the candle light off,  and I said to her  fine I will tell Mummy about your request to help your younger sister to blow off the candle light and we deal.
Little Princess Sonia Daddy, Mummy  and Christy from the  heart we Love you, all the family from West-Timor and Yangoru in Wewak PNG love you and pray for your future God has bless us and will bless you The heart and the blood of Mission is in you, now you are small but one day you will do better than daddy in the work of God we understand that none in this world know your greater future what God has for you, It is our pray that the Living God will cover your lives with his mercy and grace  granted you prosperous future, Jesus Love you.

Prayer Request.

DCIM100MEDIAAll the friends, Churches and those people who have the heart for the mission ministry here, I and my wife we express our heart felt to you, since we started the Church planting here we  try to raise friendship and ministry partners , most important  part of our problems is the financial assistance, we try to raise friends for financial support even today we haven found some body from the church supporting us yet. 1: Pray for our personal and family financial support for monthly. 2: Pray for health and protection of God upon us here. 3: Pray for Christy and Sonia for their health and growth.   Your Sincerely   Walengi’s God bless you .

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